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SGT Rock
2003-01-15, 01:14
I once had an I con of a campfire that was out, and a campfire that was burning, bothe were animated gifs if I remember. I thought I would upload them today to use as the open forum and new forum icons, then edit one as the closed forum icon. But now I can't find them. If any one runs across some cool ones, please send 'em in.

Wander Yonder
2003-01-15, 01:33
Sgt, I created this board for a friend, including all the campfire graphics and backgrounds. Since I created them, I think it would be okay if you used the small campfire gifs. If you would like for me to make a main campfire logo for you, I would be happy to. Drop me an email.

If you click on one of the forums, you will see the animated versions for hot new and old topics also.

I lost my copies of all the working versions along with hundreds of other animations when I had to reformat my computer.

I can also make an animation of a campfire if you have a picture you especially like.

The Campfire (http://www.northlandphoto.com/campfire)

SGT Rock
2003-01-15, 09:41
That is sweet. Exactly what I was looing for. I'll fix it up today.

SGT Rock
2003-01-15, 10:52
I was thinking for a logo, I could use what I have but shove the words right and put an animated campfire gif over the top of the topo bar.

I also think getting a background instead of a color would work, and changing the forum bars from that sick green to an image would be improvements.

Other thoughts:

1. An announcement Table next to the logo or below it.

2. Moving the Forum buttons currently beside the logo down and change their look to something else.

3. Looking for more smileys LOL

Wander Yonder
2003-01-15, 10:55
Can you do that yourself, or would you like some help?

SGT Rock
2003-01-15, 10:59
Help would be appreciated since I have limited free time. I think I have the background and bar images that I can use, but changing the buttons and making a logo would take me some time I often don't have. If you can do some stuff to help out, I would be eternally greatfull.

BTW, I edited my post (above) and added some stuff while you were replying. Sorry :rolleyes:

2003-01-15, 11:03

you have free time???

:D :cool:

Wander Yonder
2003-01-15, 11:17
Not a lot of free time, Dixiecritter, but happy to help.

Sgt. Rock, I don't know about this software, but the support website for the board I did had a page where you could download additional smiley packs. You couldn't just upload and add them -- had to upload the pack. But then you could add additional smileys (copied from the net) to that pack. (Wierd!)

I lost the smileys on my computer, but will see if I can get some more for you.

Am not exactly sure what you want on the graphics. Let me play with them and I will send them to you, and then you can let me know what kind of changes you need. Give me a couple of days or so.

SGT Rock
2003-01-15, 12:02
No rush. I'll look into the smilies.

SGT Rock
2003-01-15, 14:56
I just changed the background and table headers. Like it?

2003-01-15, 15:44
Yes, Sgt. I think it looks great and I am waiting to see the camp fires that Sharon was talking about. You are doing a great job, with the limited time you have. I for one appreciates it. Thank you. By the way, Sharon I love your campfires, even though the one at the forum site is pretty large for my taste.. ha ha .. Great job, both of you. Also Dixie Critter is doing a great job also with her comments and ideas and most of all for the support she must give to Sgt.Rock, which I suspect is not always easy.

Great site and wonderful folks.. Happy Trails....


Wander Yonder
2003-01-15, 16:24
Oops, I got so excited about the new color scheme that I put my "I Love This Green" in a new topic. Sorry!

SGT Rock
2003-01-16, 11:33
The format is coming along well. If you notice, we now have campfire icons and a new logo using the animated campfire. I've done some of the lay out and color scheme stuff, but Sharon has been a real help with the fire icons and making the new logo. She has also sent me some new smilelies that I hope to implement as soon as I figure out how they work. I think with a couple of more minor changes, the format is set.

BTW, make sure you use the Calendar for any important events you may want to share.