View Full Version : 3 day trip near slickrock/linville gorge

bird dog
2004-09-25, 18:48
Im doing a 3 day trip the first part of november. My buddy and I have decided on the area of Slickrock/Linville Gorge area. I havent been there in 10 years or more and was wondering if anyone had some suggestions. Also, what condition is the park in that area in since the hurricanes hit the last few weeks and will that effect a November trip?

SGT Rock
2004-09-27, 20:02
I haven't been there in 19-20 years, and that was in July. My guess is that the weather will be below 30 at night and there is a good chance of wet stuff.

2004-09-29, 11:05
I heard over CNN that the BRP has opened back up after the storms; they specifically mentioned around Linville Gorge because of the hordes of leaf seekers that hit this and other areas around peak fall color times. No news on trail conditions.

2004-09-29, 12:38
Hello BD,

Just did three days on Table rock (east of the gorge just above it.)

Not too much tree damage, but the whole gorge area is waterlogged.
Jeanne came through just when I got back and dumped even more.
Cricks are at max or over in some cases, and the water is very swift, so cross carefully. When climbing the trails they are slick (Mud, clay and rock)
I don't know how you are approaching Pisgah, best to call the Ranger station to make sure the roads are open, sections have washed away and sink holes are a problem on secondary roads.
Temps are 70 to 75 day and 52 to 58 at night. As you know colder when your are wet from creek crossing. The HH was chilly, but I was off the ground. The good news, come November all should be right again. Just colder,
but water won't be a problem <<<...>>>

I will be up there myself. Have fun. See ya on the trail maybe.

bird dog
2004-09-29, 16:07
Thanks for the information. Always good to have a scout on the ground to give ya some good info. Ive watched the news and saw how much rain they have gotten up there lately and figured they may have closed some of the service roads. As soon as I finalize my route, I'll be sure to take your advice and call ahead. See you on the high ground...