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bird dog
2004-09-27, 17:50
Has anyone ever heard of Norvell Tent Manufacturing? I noticed one of their plants in my hometown (on a side of town I rarely visit) the other day and am curious if they just supply materials, or actually make tents.

SGT Rock
2004-09-27, 19:17
Has anyone ever heard of Norvell Tent Manufacturing? I noticed one of their plants in my hometown (on a side of town I rarely visit) the other day and am curious if they just supply materials, or actually make tents.

Google search says Norvell makes tents for funerals.

bird dog
2004-09-27, 19:31
Nice..No wonder I havent heard of it. By the way Rock, have you had a chance to look at my thread reference Linville Gorge / weather in the NC/TN mountains?

SGT Rock
2004-09-27, 19:59
Uhhhh, no.

2004-09-28, 00:36
Google search says Norvell makes tents for funerals.
okay, that made laugh so hard i choked... :biggrin:

2004-09-29, 11:16
http://www.puckettsupply.com/ for the curious. Does that mean you're from Greensboro or High Point, bird dog? One of my best friends, Brad Best, grew up at High Point; we were roommates at Davidson. From the DOB in your profile, you and he could have been in the same class together in grade school.

bird dog
2004-09-29, 16:13
I was born and raised in Greensboro. Did 8 years in the Army and I now work as a police officer in greensboro and live just outside the city. My brother lives in High Point and is an officer there. Cant say I know your friend, but then again the piedmont area seems to be growing everyday.


2004-09-30, 01:03
I am at FT Irwin, CA previously from FT Bragg but hail from Charlotte. Where did you serve, also where is your info you posted for the gorge?

bird dog
2004-09-30, 08:29
I was at Polk (2ACR and 1/509th), and Korea. I have a few friends at Irwin now, one you may know...SFC (ret) Bill Heidner. He is currently working at the 11 ACR museum. However, I think he is going to Yuma Proving Grounds soon. The info about the gorge is under "NC Trails". Headed that way in November and wondering if anyone knew the road/trail conditions there since the hurricanes hit. Was in Charlotte a few weeks ago for a school. Seems like each time I go, they build something new!

SGT Rock
2004-09-30, 21:39
Heidner used to run the 2ACR museum at Polk.

2004-10-01, 00:41

Found this link in the foottrails forum: http://nps.gov/grsm/gsmsite/roadinfo.html#safety

Read that there were sections of the Parkway I believe south of Linville falls that had been washed out. Just can't remember where I heard that at.

2004-10-01, 00:50
Copied from Friends of the Mountain to Sea Trail website.

MST Trail Log Information

Submitted on 9-30-04 - Grandfather Ranger District


The Grandfather Ranger District is one of three districts that make up the Pisgah National Forest. The district covers over 192,000 acres in McDowell, Avery, Burke, Caldwell and Watauga Counties.
The Grandfather Ranger District saw no new significant damage after "Jeanne" moved through the area, but, there are a few more slides onto roads and the expansion of existing damages. Forest visitors are encouraged to travel with caution.

The status of our recreation areas is as follows:

McDowell County
Curtis Creek Campground OPEN to dispersed site 12
Old Fort Picnic Area - OPEN (no water)

Burke County
Barkhouse Picnic Area - OPEN
Wiseman's View Overlook - OPEN
Table Rock Parking Area -- OPEN
Brown Mountain OHV Area -- CLOSED

Caldwell County
Mortimer Campground/Picnic Area - OPEN (no water)
Parking areas along Wilson Creek -- OPEN
Boone Fork Campground - OPEN (no water)

For Linville Gorge Wilderness: No camping permits will be issued until further notice. This means no overnight camping is allowed in the Gorge. Trail assessments are finding a large number of trees blown down and in some places where the trail is completely washed away. The public is NOT encouraged to use any of the trails in the Gorge. The National Park Service has issued a closure for Linville Falls.
The Grandfather Ranger District has 131 roads covering 311 miles. Of this, 92 percent (120 roads) have received various levels of damage ranging from one foot gullies down the road and blown out culverts to landslides and slumps, where the road broke off and slide down the drainage. Many roads have been gated or barricades installed, until repairs can be made.

Trail assessments are underway. We anticipate any trails along creeks are probably gone and due to the heavy winds, a large amount of trees blown down. It may be a year before many of these trails are open again. Once assessments are complete, more detailed information concerning trails will be shared.

For more information, contact the Grandfather Ranger District, 828-652-2144. :damnmate:

bird dog
2004-10-01, 16:25
Skysapper & Rock
Thanks for the info skysapper. Looks like most of western NC is in pretty bad shape according to the news around here. I guess I will have to FRAGO the gang, and go to Mount Rogers, VA area instead. I hope they will have the area fixed sooner than expected.....a year is a long time and that is beautiful country there. Did you know that during Viet-Nam they traind SF guys up there? I hear they still do occassionally.

Rock, reference Heidner. He was my platoon sergeant in C 1/2 ACR in Haiti and later went on to be 1SG. We still keep in contact by email and phone. He unofficially runs the 2ACR association.