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born to quibble
2004-09-29, 19:44
If you've ever been tempted to shell out premium price for "ultralight" poles, check out their lengths compared to normal - usually that's where most of the weight saving is. I had to mend a stripped on thread on my Gabel poles a while back, and as the easiest way to get the plug out was to hacksaw the tube just on the crimp points, I decided to go nuts and see how much tube I could lose. I measured off each one to under my armpit, and after making sure I'd still have the minimum recommended overlap I saw I could lose 6 inches length, or 2 inches from each section. (I'm 5 foot 7 in my winter socks - 'kay? - anybody got a problem with that?) With the poles made up again I'd lost 4 ozs from the pair... 4 ozs!... that's heavier than a... fairly lightweight thing. They come in now at 1lb 5oz. or 10.5 oz each. Now when I pass other hikers I have to chuckle to myself when I think of all that weight they're lugging (and when I turn round they're looking over their shoulder and breaking into a trot). Hah! :shot:

SGT Rock
2004-09-29, 20:02
1/4 pound is nothing to sneeze at.

born to quibble
2004-09-30, 09:27
Sergeant Rock,
yeah,well...... you know I'm still not convinced that a pair of poles makes any easier going than using just the one; I tend to alternate between. I suppose one of those flysheet/tarp things instead of a full tent would settle the matter. It's just I don't think single-skin is worth the hassle in a wet climate - any damn fool can be uncomfortable.

SGT Rock
2004-09-30, 21:40
Depends on the trail. Flat stuff sometimes makes using poles a little superfluous.