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2004-10-02, 18:56
OK so I built my first ION stove earlier today (thanks for the great info top :D) first pepsi-type stove actually and looking for input.

I've run a few tests, with two and four capfuls of denatured alcohol. I've not managed to boil, but did get good bubbles on side with 1L water (hot enough for instant oatmeal and stuff, and way more water than i would need). First impressions; great stove.

question though:

It appears that most of the flame is from the middle of the unit, with very little through the 'jets'. In fact, I don't know that they were doing much of anything. I'm going to try it in the dark tonight to get a better idea, but I wonder if I might have stuffed too much insulation between the chambers. Is this normal?

SGT Rock
2004-10-03, 14:36
Sounds like you ar right - thre is probably too much insulation. Check our pot height too, if the pot is too far up, then the flame will stay centered. On my newer stove design I changed the burner pattern. I haven't ever finished the article about it, but if you are interested:

BIS I - http://hikinghq.net/forum/showthread.php?t=749&highlight=baghdad

BIS II - http://hikinghq.net/forum/showthread.php?t=759&highlight=baghdad

BIS III - nothing written yet

V8 Lite - http://hikinghq.net/sgt_stove/v8_lite.html