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Wander Yonder
2003-01-15, 01:19
When I go camping, I always make a tripod to hang my pack on to keep it up off the ground and under the tarp where it is protected from rain and dew. Then I hang my shoes on the tops of the sticks that stick up at the top.

This was a picture taken when hubby and I went weekend camping last summer. The tripod in this picture is pretty lopsided, but it can be neat if you find or saw even pieces of wood.

Since this picture was taken I have gotten the extra large rainfly which is big enough to cook under, blocks wind better, and you can have some privacy while changing.

In the second picture, I was camping alone. The tripod is hidden by the trees near the bottom of the hammock.

Double hammock camp (http://www.griffinwebart.com/bimages2/camp.jpg)

Solo hammock camp (http://www.griffinwebart.com/bimages/camp1.jpg)

2003-01-19, 11:00
sharon it appears that in your double hammock pic that you have a latern tied directly agianst the trunk of the tree...that would be better hanging on the tripod too...the heat from a latern can scar the tree and even kill it..SAY IT ISN"T SO..sharon...what would Aunt Sharon in newland think??? she's going to give you a 'good talking too at lunch!

Wander Yonder
2003-01-19, 11:13
Steve, the flame in the lantern was as small as it could be and still stay burning -- like a small candle flame. The digital camera gave it the optical illusion of being a flaming torch!

I put my hand between the lantern and the tree after it had been burning for a while as it was a concern to me, and it was not uncomfortable to the touch.

PLEEEEEZE don't tell Aunt Sharon! :D