View Full Version : Hey Sarge

2004-10-15, 10:54
:captain: Howdy Sarge,Just checking in here.Ive been having major problems with my puter and have been using the library just to check email,messeges. How goes the move?? Last I heard you were hauling your stuff to your new place.How do you like the new location?? Must be nice living that close to the Smokies!!! Take care,Streamweaver

SGT Rock
2004-10-18, 14:38
I've been on and off for the last few days doing move stuff. I am leaving for Mississippi tommorrow on TDY for about a week or so.

The move is going very well. We are about 90% complete with things, and yesterday I took my first trip up to the Smokies. Rebel with a Cause, my oldest son, and I went from Newfound Gap to Icewater Springs and back on a day hike. Easy hiking and a lot of fun.

I'm thinking next spring, if I'm not off playing Army, that a feed would be nice somewhere on the AT during the thru-hike season.