View Full Version : iron mountain lodestone pack

2004-11-05, 17:07

I recently bought a used Iron Mountain Lodestone 5500 internal pack, and found your review of yours on the Web. The problem is, I have traditionally used external frame packs, and the Lodestone did not come with packing suggestions/instructions to best utilize the pack. Since it is different from other packs I've used and you have used it regularly, I was hoping you could provide detailed instructions/suggestions so I could try to get the most out of it.


SGT Rock
2004-11-05, 19:57
Well I put the food bag in the bottom section where I culd get to it from the back. I put my rain gear and tent fly in the outside back pocket, and my clothing, sleeping bag, and tent all went inside. I straped my shoes and coffee mug to the outside, and put a watter bottle in the side pockets.