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2004-11-11, 12:56
wishing all my fellow vets on Sgt.Rock's board a Happy Veteran's Day.
..since this board has so many vets....

This pic is of part of my squad - Left to Right
Fred Lavizzari - 'Thumper' (M-79 grenade launcher)
Bob Hobler- Asst. gunner
Jim Brewer- Machine Gunner (humped the pig)


This pic is of the patches for the 5 companies in my battalion and the insignias & patches for our battalion, brigade & division while we were in Vietnam.
The Gimlets were the last US combat team in the field in Vietnam. We walked the last patrol- Aug72 (I was already gone- medivaced Nov71)

Our AO was the QueSon & HiepDuc valleys south of DaNang, west of TamKy & ChuLai.

My battalion is stationed in Mosul at the moment but I have a sneaking suspicion they are on the north side a Fallujaha this week.


bird dog
2004-11-11, 17:55
Happy Vets Day to you too Sgt. Krohn. My old unit is in Fallujah now and has been for a few weeks. I still keep in touch with some of my old pals who are still in and their families who are here. I've lost one friend in the fighting over their thus far, but from what I hear we have given them hell in return. We should all remember them everyday, but especially today. It's thier day, and yours.

Bird Dog

2004-11-11, 19:31
from another message board I frequent...

All Golden Corral resturants will honor all veterans, past and present by treating them to a free meal Monday, Nov 15, 5pm to 9pm. Honor system. enjoy veterans, you deserve it.
They have done this for the last 3 years

SGT Rock
2004-11-12, 09:31
Sorry I am a day late, I was off helping out my mother on Veterans Day.

Thinking of all the Vets, they are the reason we have the things we do.

2004-11-12, 10:00
Go Brothers....have a great life ....we earned it. :dito:

Danang 69, Phu Bai 69....Ryahd SA 90