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2004-11-18, 23:33
I was given some Tyvek to use as a ground cloth. Does anyone
know which side to put on the ground: Printed side or the white side?

2004-11-19, 00:23
I have used several tyvek peices for underneath my hammock, and have used both white side up and white side down. FOr me, the part that goes down is the part that is dirtier, in an often vain attempt to keep my gear and clothing dry.

Brian MacMillin

2004-11-19, 08:59
I am thinking that the printed side should go down on the ground. However, it may not matter. (I know really helpful...LOL)

Somewhere on this site are pictures and instructions for whatever it was that I sewed for Rock out of this stuff. What?? He has me sew so much that I forget what it is I've done after a while....LOL.


2004-11-19, 13:40
Tyvek isn't sided other than one side has print, so the "put the dirty side down" is the best way. You can also get "soft" tyvek in 5ft widths (rather than standard 3ft) from a company called hang em on high fabrics (the sell make your own kite stuff) for pretty cheap.

2004-11-20, 09:41
I don't think it matters which side you put on the ground. However, tyvek does perform differently than plastic as a ground cloth in how it handles surface water and water vapor rising from the ground... this is probably more noticable when using it with a tarp than it is with a tent that has its own floor.