View Full Version : Quick reply....

2004-11-19, 09:16
Am I the only one having trouble using the quick reply option???

2004-11-19, 13:42
I can't either... then again I've never been able to use it... though I prefer quick replies as I use FF with BBcode and Spellbound so I don't really the reply at all, I can format and spell check from the quick reply

SGT Rock
2004-11-19, 17:05
That icon on the right of "quote" must be hit to open the quick reply.

2004-11-19, 17:22
Ah, cool... that works... btw... I hit it, it opened, then (because I'm so used to hitting post reply) my first instinct was to hit post reply to reply... *doh*

2004-11-19, 18:03
Glad to know I'm not the only one that didn't know about that little icon...LOL. Other boards that I go to just have the quick reply active on each thread, but oh well.