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2004-11-27, 17:20
I was wondering in anyone could help me find a round container similar to the Countrytime lemonade container that is 5 inches wide and 6 inches tall. Let me explain.

A while back I followed Sgt. Rock's suggestion and started using the Countrytime lemonade container as a bowl and cup combination. He sure has some good ideas-thanks Rock. It worked great, and I especially liked how easy it was to clean. Put in a few drops of dish soap and a little warm water, shake, rinse, and it's clean. One time, after a hike, I washed the thing at home and set it out to dry on the counter. Well my wife thought it was trash and threw it away. I was going to buy another one, but to be honest, I don't like the lemonade that much and didn't want to just throw the powder away, so I bought one of those cheap Rubbermaid bowls that is sort of a low rent Tupperware bowl. It has a lid and can be shake cleaned like the lemonade container, although the lid can't be used as a cup like the lemonade container. It's bulky and doesn't stow very well, but it's light and cheap and holds a little bit more than the lemonade container.

Anyway, my stove kit (Brasslite Turbo F, Snowpeak Titanium Trek 700 mug, home made blue pad cozy, homemade windscreen) would fit inside a container that is 5 inches wide and 6 inches tall and it sure would stow a lot better than the Rubbermaid bowl. I'd like to find one that has a lid that can be used for a cup like the lemonade container. Nothing fancy, just some cheap plastic container from the grocery store. Anyone know of such a thing that is 5 inches wide and 6 inches tall that would tolerate boiling water? Appreciate it!

2004-11-28, 08:44

Depending on where you live V. the sender, mailing an empty drink mix jar would not be cost effective.

I had a hiking buddy collect a few from coworkers who use the stuff. I've also bought drink mixes and then used the powder as all or part of the sugar in cookies. The easiest option was to buy some "****"-ade on special and then give the contents to nearby friends who use it.

I am experimenting with a Gatorade plastic container instead of the cup/bowl style. Once that top cone is cut off, it is too easy for liquids to leak if the container is used as a shaker.

Good Luck!


2004-11-28, 10:40
Try a plastic KoolAid container - these can work quite well.



SGT Rock
2004-11-28, 12:01
I also found this off brand smoothie drink that you use wuith bannanas or strawberries. It is tasty and the container is straight up and down without any little bends or curves at all.

2004-11-28, 15:39
Several dollar stores sell Coolaide ,Lemonade as well as the generic types that also come in these containers.Dollar general stores sell that stuff too.I agree those containers and Sarges ideas are great! Streamweaver

2004-12-01, 11:07
Ziploc? (http://www.ziploc.com/container.asp) Cheap, don't have to throw anything away, and they are useful around the house if what you're doing doesn't. Actually, I plan using them (or Gladware (http://www.glad.com/containers.html)), to make my own version of the Atigravity Gear BowlCozy (http://www.antigravitygear.com/products/bowlcozy.html)

2004-12-01, 22:10
I used a countrytime lemonade container the first couple of days of deer season with ziplock bags. I had some reflectix and made a cozy for it. A couple of individual servings of Cole brand peaches fit inside for secure carry. When things got quiet in the woods, out came the brasslite and some hot food took the edge off. Instant oatmeal with raisins for breakfast, and ramen noodles (broken up at home and prepackaged in a ziplock bag) for lunch. I added one of the 3 oz. individual servings of chicken with some cashews to the ramen noodles one day, and had beef the next. The cozy keep the food hot. The ziplock bags made cleanup a snap.
I've been using a 12 oz. insulated coffee cup for awhile, and it was just the ticket for some hot chocolate. The setup allowed me to heat a couple of cups of water quietly, and enjoy a nice meal. It helped make the "dark to dark" trek much more enjoyable. We had some individual .5 liter bottles of water downstairs, so I threw 3 of them in my pack and was good to go. I did carry a small thermos of coffee from home instead of carrying instant coffee in the woods. I'll tweak the amounts carried as time goes on, but this setup worked well to start.
So...to sum it up, I want to thank Sgt. Rock for some great ideas that I'm glad I tried out. Alcohol stove, windscreen, pot cozy, countrytime container just to name a few. I left the HH at home though....not sure I could sell it as a new-fangled tree stand.