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2004-11-30, 07:40
Hi from down-under folks,

My first post to the group. Since purchasing my HH Delux Explorer Asym I've been following the discussions, experimenting with undercovers and generally playing around with insulation. I've just finished an undercover based on a pattern (kelli wise I think) I found in the Yahoo group area. Temps here in Australia at the moment are not really conducive to testing insulation/covers etc as I'm just using a sleeping bag liner if at all. I did notice however on my last trip that if there is a strong breeze - usually off the ocean - that I did get a chilled back/shoulder/ butt. Hence the construction of the undercover- problem solved! I also just added a piece of 12mm foam to see what difference that will make, to be tested next week. Photos are too large to post so would be happy to send via email.

Cheers :beerglass

SGT Rock
2004-11-30, 08:32
Did you try adding the pics to a post? I think the software crops it down.

Hog On Ice
2004-11-30, 08:39
Thanks for the information ranger_aussie - sounds like for mild but windy conditions the undercover works well. What sort of a range of temps can you expect in your area of Aus? Any below 0 deg. C in winter?

For the photos a number of people like using photobucket.com or similar services - the main advantage of photobucket.com over webshots is that photobucket allows the photos to be linked to by other websites thus permitting the photos to be displayed here but actually stored on photobucket's server.

2004-12-03, 08:41
HOI. Have tried out the undercover down to about 10/12 degrees C but with a 0C bag. The main issue for me during the summer is reducing the breeze effect across the bottom of the hammock. Managed to get one shot attached, not real good quality but gives you the idea. Tried photobucket, not taking any new subscribers.

2004-12-03, 10:45
Tried photobucket, not taking any new subscribers.

I have webspace that I don't mind hosting gear pics and such for people