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steve hiker
2004-12-04, 02:39
Last month I had a free pass to go anywhere in the US I wanted for about 4 days. I thought about it and said, Glacier National Park, MT! So off I went via Seattle (nearest major airport). Pics are here:


I had two full days of hiking. First day, I hiked the Bowman Lake loop. Snowed during the hike, which is a real treat for me being from Louisiana.

Next day, I did the Avalanche Lake trail. Avalanche Lake is awesome. I donít know if this is a "glacial lake" or not, but itís basically a bowl surrounded by steep mountains. Together with the snow and partially frozen lake water, it looked like something out of Alaska. Stunning, and very different from anything in the eastern U.S.

After hiking to Avalanche Lake, I hiked up the Apgar trail. It was late in the afternoon when I started, and the sun was setting by the time I got up to the lookout. When I saw it, it looked familiar. It looks exactly like the lookout cabin in Doug Peacockís book Grizzly Years. Which I highly recommend, by the way Ė one of the best books Iíve read. Snapped a few photos but they didnít come out since it was too dark. Later, I looked on a Glacier map and saw there are several lookouts in the park, so this may not (or may) have been the one in Peacockís book.

Then it was time to hike out, in the dark, in Glacier National Park which has the highest concentration of grizzlies in the continental U.S. Even though it was November, the locals said that quite a few of the male bears were still out. The females had denned, but males will often stay out till early December. Especially if there has been poor foraging. This year, the huckelberry crop failed, and there has not been much snow so far. So, with the bears still hungry from a failed huckelberry crop, itís a virtual certainty that several bears heard me bellowing YO BEAR! on my way back down. Lucky for me, they decided to stay away instead of making a meal out of a protein-rich hiker.

Glacier is a stunning place. But donít take my word for it, go and see for yourself.

SGT Rock
2004-12-05, 18:50
Looks very cool,and very cold.

2004-12-06, 09:04
Great pictures!

Oh and the "Yo Bear" comment cracked me up. Glad the bears decided to not heed your call... ;) :rofl:

2004-12-07, 13:50