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2004-12-12, 14:09

Please click on the link above for information about the 2005 SORUCK, Martin Luther King weekend (Jan 14-17, 2005) on the Appalachian Trail at NOC (milepost 134.1). This is a meet and greet weekend for Appalachian Trail enthusiasts, and is sponsered by the members of the AT-L email list (www.backcountry.net). All enthusiasts are welcome. This is a great weekend for budding long-distance hikers to get good solid information for their hikes. ..


SGT Rock
2004-12-12, 16:57
I think I will put this on my schedule of things to do this year. Any one else planning to go?

SGT Rock
2004-12-14, 22:52
Hey, you know the Army. Change of plans.

Looks like the schedule for my next mission just changed. 75% chance I won't make the SoRuck. I will try to work around it and still make it, but things don't look good now.