View Full Version : Trails around Fort Leonard Wood, Missourri

2004-12-13, 00:48
I will be going to Fort Leonard wood for about 2 monthes just after Mid January. I need to know if there are anyone here who knows anything about the trails in the area or the area between there and ST Louis. I will only have weekends to work with as I will be in school during that time. The other factor will be weather which I expect to be quite cold and transportation which I hope friends there will be able to assist on. I even have one of my Squad Leaders that will be there for BNCOC while I am at ANCOC and he is driving which is a plus while I am there.

Any responses will be much appreciated, and my activity there will help my time pass that much better.

Merry Christmas to all, Rock I hope your first Smokey Mountain Christmas is a very special one for you and your family.

SFC Dell
FT Irwin

SGT Rock
2004-12-13, 08:50
How about Arkansas?

2005-03-23, 11:56
My son is stationed at Ft Leonard Wood. I had the pleasure of spending Turkey day and three other days there - yeah right! We were driving around on some of the back roads trying to find something to do other than going to one of the humpteen million bars they have there. Then my son informed me that we needed to get out of the backwoods. He was informed that people don't take kindly to strangers there. The country is really beautiful. How was the hiking? My dad went to school in that part of the country. And I am from Arkansas by birth, but if you were to go hiking around where I come from . . . you would most likely be hiking in the rice fields. Someday when I go home again, I would like to hike some in my home state. And if my son stays at Ft Leonard Wood . . . well . . . I know what I can do while waiting on him. It will be the best thing going on there.