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2004-12-13, 08:08
Hi, Y'All-

This is off topic, but we have several military or former military people here, so I'm hoping this will work.

I'm trying to help my (young) supervisor with a project. She took up a candy collection at Halloween on the premise that the kids could share their bounty with troops. Her fiancee is recently separated from service, and he was going to get some addys for her. Well, that WAS the plan. His contact list has fallen through.

Here is is nearly Christmas, and the candy is still in her office. Can some of you hook us up with groups sending "care" packages to our guys (and gals) or a few people who would accept and share some treats?

If you can help, contact me through this forum, and I will send you my school E-mail addy so you can check to see I'm not a prankster. ( A nut case, weel, maybe, but harmless to others! 8-P )


SGT Rock
2004-12-13, 08:55
The 278th Cavalry from here in Tennessee just went over. I remember hearing something on the radio about a gift drive just last week. Here is their FRG's website address: http://www.angelfire.com/tn3/278thacrfrg/

2004-12-13, 19:14
Thanks, Sarge! The info has been forwarded.