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2004-12-13, 14:42
I saw this pic in the gallery:

It does not look like the same one on the Hennessy web site. Is this an all in one piece? I like the fact that it covers both the head and feet area but still has an opening to vent. (How was/is condensation?)
I've noticed the Clark hammock has a bad weather cover, but then on that model you can zip and unzip to adjust it.
I've also noticed that JackRBetter has his weathershield out and have some questions about his setup, but as of yet he has not responded.


Hog On Ice
2004-12-13, 14:59
not sure what you were trying to link to - was it this: http://www.whiteblaze.net/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/3561/password/0/sort/1/cat/577/page/2

2004-12-13, 17:26
not sure what you were trying to link to - was it this: http://www.whiteblaze.net/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/3561/password/0/sort/1/cat/577/page/2

Yes, it is a pic taken by Sgt Rock of the HH Supershelter at Trail days. He left a message at another forum informing me of the pic. Any info about the other stuff?


2004-12-13, 19:09

I'm not sure of your question.

The Undercover at the Hennessy site is a prototype and looks very similar to the picture that Sarge took (to me, at least).

The Undercover has a bottom entrance, as does the actual hammock. The top is still vented because the fly hangs a bit above the hammock netting. The ends being covered help reduce any breezes that might otherwise blow on the hammocker's head or feet.

If you meant the top picture at the Hennessy site, I think that is a typical hammock, with the fly deployed, not necessarily one with the Supershelter deployed.


SGT Rock
2004-12-13, 23:11
Repeat of my post on WhiteBlaze:

That photo is mine, so here is what I remember -

The cover is a one piece sil-nylon cover that did increase the warmth of the hammock - but I didn't do any tests of hard conditions. I only slept in it for a couple of nights at Trail Days last Spring. Anyway, the other piece is a pad that is between the hammock and the Supershelter - the supershelter has clips in it that hold the pad in place directly under you so you can get that more comfortable sleep by sleeping in the hammock instead of on the pad in the hammock. The idea is also that you can get multiple pads and stack them since they would all attach at the same point. The pads use open cell foam so they are very light and highly compressible. The pads also had a mesh top so you could add leaves or clothing to bulk them up with available materials if you wanted too.

As to condensation, I only stayed in the thing a couple nights and did not have condensation problems. The second night was a Frog Strangler of a storm, but I never had moisture build up problems, so I assume that the vent is just about righ in it's placement and size. The entire Supershleter is removeable, so it is something you could bring for winter then remove.

2004-12-14, 10:28
Thanks for the answers. I guess looking at the picture; it looks like the Supershelter is all one piece. I've watched the video on the HH web site of how its setup and saw that the top was a separate piece. I can't get the Supershelter for my HH Explorer Ultralite A-Sym 9 ft hammock until or after March. Yesterday, JacksRBetter wrote a nice article on his new weather setup to my same question that I asked here. I will ask him if its ok to post it here as well, as it answers many questions. If what he is saying, it sounds like his setup would work just as well or even better then the Supershelter. I guess what I would like his something like the Clark windshield. (You can unzip and adjust it according to the weather)
If it's going to be a very cold windy night, something that would cover the top of hammock along the ridge line. It would be 2 pieces, which would be attached to Velcro sewed to the hem between the hammock and netting. A D- Ring could be attached to run between the two along the ridgeline with shock cord. It would be waterproof, breathable material; which would cover about 2 feet around the head and 2 to 3 feet around the foot. Im sure this setup would be less then 3 ozs. This would allow air out, but still help block cold wind coming in. Not sure how bad the condensation would be, but with the wind and a opening, I don't think it would pose a problem. I have thought of making some type of half windshield out of the stock HH fly. (Not sure if it's breathable) Anyway, I will see if I can come up with a drawing if it not clear to anyone. I'll keep you informed. Thanks for the help.

2004-12-14, 10:32
Glee, ( This is a copy of last nights post on Whiteblaze )

There are several different ways to use the JRB Weather Shield. It can be used as a system or in part, either as the top or bottom.

The one thing it is not is a vapor shield since it breathes. I often see posts here and on Yahoos hammock camping group where folks wear rain suits as vapor barriers. This is truly works for the non breathable models; but, when folks talk of using Froog Toggs as VB, this is false because they breathe. They do add warmth but they can not be effectively used as vapor barriers. Recommend that any one seeking a good education on vapor barrier theory and technical issues study the Stephenson site.

The JRB Weather Shield should be thought of as an outer protector like a Garlington Taco or the Hennessy Super System. Except, it is breathable. It is designed, as are all of the Jacks R Better under quilts, to provide necessary protection without encasing the peak corners of the hammock. This virtually eliminates the condensation issues of fully encased non-breathable alternatives. It can be put on or taken off while the hammock is hanging which provides additional hassle free trail-side options. For those who use the extreme UL approach of a poncho tarp, the bottom can be removed and worn as a rain cape while the poncho continues to protect the hammock and gear.

It is much more flexible for use across the temperature spectrum than a HH Super System, because like all of the JRB quilts the "Windows" can be open for ventilation while the vital organ area can remain protected. Again, it can be put on or taken off in under a minute while the hammock is hanging.

The JRB Weather Shield bottom when used alone weighs 7.7 oz and requires a JRB Suspension System of 1.9 oz for a total of 9.8 oz. This compares to a silnyl taco of approximately 7 oz plus the draw-up cord and the advertised weight of the HH Super System bottom of 7.5 oz ( without the pad? ). The JRB Weather Shield is the only one both waterproof and breathable.

The JRB Weather Shield top fits directly over quilts and most sleeping bags. It Provides bivi sack like protection, water proof, wind proof yet breathable. It can be used alone by the light and fast summer extreme UL as a sheet during appropriate weather either in a hammock or on the ground. This is a nice option when the temperature is in the 80s-90s and the humidity is matching for those who like something over them. Its generous 54 " width allows for easy tucking in of the sides and it may remain tucked better than narrower quilts alone if used by a ground dweller. This is a nice feature when the weather is cold and a restless quilt sleeper wants to reduce drafts. The top alone weighs 6.7 oz.

The JRB Weather Shield provides an additional 6-10 degrees of temperature range to the family of quilts or any bag. This provides an economical and flexible means to extend range of the sleep system carried. It reduces risk of an uncomfortable night for those using lighter quilts and bags during unexpected temperature drops. It also provides additional protection for those using tarps without the full weight and full protection of a bivi sack.

We have been testing several versions of this system since April. Ncmts got one of the earliest prototypes made of 3M Propore at Trail Days in May. He has posted of its effective value and his considerations to add insulation on this site.

Pictures of the JRB WS are on our site under products.

SGT Rock
2004-12-14, 10:35

Think I might be able to borrow one at the SoRuck to try?

2004-12-14, 10:49

Of course!!! Someone will have to use my demo set....Since you asked first...it is you... Just hope the snow doesn't get so bad that I can't get there on my motor cycle.

SGT Rock
2004-12-14, 11:02
If it gets too bad, we could always link up in East Tennessee where the roads are clear and I can shuttle you over in a heated car.

2004-12-14, 11:10

Ok ... but I'll have another rider from Florida with me...you'll like him, Though, retired infantry ranger, 2nd degree black belt, etc

SGT Rock
2004-12-14, 11:17
The car will have room ;)

2004-12-14, 11:46
Thx Rock...I'll stay in touch.

SGT Rock
2004-12-14, 22:51
Hey, you know the Army. Change of plans.

Looks like the schedule for my next mission just changed. 75% chance I won't make the SoRuck. I will try to work around it and still make it, but things don't look good now.