View Full Version : Anyone Familiar With Thermojet Stove?

2004-12-31, 21:28
I recently ran into this stove while browsing on the internet and I wondered if anyone was familar with it. Not that I need another stove set-up, I must have a half dozen of them. I guess there are worse things to be addicted to. See it at www.thermojetstove.com. To me it looks like a Tinman stove with a different windscreen/pot holder.


2005-01-01, 20:30
that looks like a very cool stove. I just got off from a site in ingland, check out theyre cool wood burner, www.occuk.co.uk/outdoor.

2005-01-03, 01:08
Thermojet - yeah, I just saw that from a link off of backpackinglight... you're exactly right, it's a basic stove with the windscreen all together in one package

firespouts - ooh, nice I saw some pics of those someplace, but that is the first i've seen of their website... the only downside I can now see of their method is that it will leave a square burn mark on the ground... of course, making your own similar one (basically a larger nimblewill) with a grated bottom could work really well...

2005-01-28, 13:39
Calling the Thermojet a Tinman stove with a windscreen is like calling a Porsche a VW with big tires. You guys are completely off base - this stove ROCKS! The first time I used it was a windy January day with the temperature about 20. The stove set up in about a minute, lit with one match and I had boiling water in less than 5 minutes.

I've used every kind of stove out there and never seen one that could even come close to doing that! It's great for melting snow - you can fill up four water bottles faster than it takes to get an MSR stove lit.

Since then I've used it on over a dozen trips in all different places and weather. It always works great no matter what. All in all its more reliable, faster and uses less fuel than any gas or butane stove I've seen.

2005-02-14, 18:49
The stove looks like a Scott Henderson design, very nice stove, I have built many of them. they are simple and work great!


I have a simpler windsceen that is more sturdy and easy to build. It uses three wires and locks together!


I also have a adaptor that will turn this type stove into a Angled Side Burner, not needing a seperate pot stand. I just added a second set of holes and set the adaptor on. Just a proto type, but seems to work fine.


As you can see I like to build "THINGS"


2005-02-15, 17:30
The only problem I've encounterd with the woodburnig stoves is the soot on the bottom of the pan, but if you put a thin layer of dish soap on the outside of the pot the soot washed right off