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2005-01-04, 11:56
Scientistís Remains Found in Bear Scat
By Will Snyder

Authorities not sure if the bear killed him, though

December 2004

In the distant wilderness of the Yukon Territory a pile of bear feces held the remains of Alaska outdoorsman and scientist Bart Schleyer, the Anchorage Daily News reports. However, authorities working on the case are unsure if he met his fate by the paws of a grizzly or if the bear ate him while scavenging.

After Schleyer disappeared during a moose hunt, his friends and Canadian Mounties went in search of him. The clues only created more mystery as to his whereabouts. They found bear and wolf sign, some clothing and a skull.

The bones made identification easy, however it didnít help anyone involved figure out what had happened. Due to a lack of blood on the found clothing some believe that a mauling is out of the question. However, Schleyer was in good physical condition, which makes a medical accident seem unlikely as well.

Others contend that while calling a moose, the hunter could have inadvertently attracted a hungry grizzly. Either way, this incident will be recorded not only as a tragedy, but a mystery as well.

I got this from Outdoor Life. Man What a way to go!!!Streamweaver

SGT Rock
2005-01-04, 21:27
They are waiting to get another sample from the rabbit's fur.