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2005-01-09, 14:14
Removable Sleeves
Hiking the Israeli National Trail (INT), I felt like I'm using to much Sunblock to protect my hands and that I was still getting burned. I hiked with a polyester dry-fit T shirt and was thinking what can be done.
Version 1:
So I made 2 sleeves from old bandanna I had and Velcro them to my t shirt. Now I was able to protect my self from the sun, get enough ventilation and without spending anything on a new shirt.
Version 2:
When my girlfriend wanted to have one as well she bought a long sleeves polyester shirt. We cut the sleeves to make it as a t shirt and Velcro the now removable sleeve to the T shirt.

I wasn't going to post it because it is to easy to make but since I haven't seen it anywhere else I thought you might be interested

SGT Rock
2005-01-09, 18:41
Hmmm. Sounds like an idea. I like to have a LS and a SS. That way I can choose, and the other will be my shirt in camp that night.

2005-01-09, 22:57
that's a nice idea... one could also cut some vent holes in the underside of the sleeves... I'm gonna have to book mark that one...