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Peak to Peak Trail and Wilderness Links


NEWS: 22 2130 DEC 2002

I did some site work today, but not as much as I wanted to. I still have not finished the Hennessy Explorer Ultralight A-Sym review or gotten around to testing the new Brasslite Duo, nor have I had a chance to use either of the two sleeping bags I have for testing. As for the MSR Simmerlite, it still hasn't even arrived.

But I did get the LazerBrite review going into the site format although it still isn't 100% finished, and I started compiling a lot of the tips, notes, and other pieces from around the site into a new set of pages called Hammock Camping 101. I've also updated some of the links.

SGT Rock!

NEWS: 22 1300 DEC 2002

I have had a hell of a week or two lately. Today I'm finally getting to do some work on the site. As of this web update there is nothing new, but I just started working. Maybe by the end of the day I can get some stuff up.

SGT Rock!

NEWS: 08 1500 DEC 2002

The homemade fuel tablets were a bust. they did boil water, but they created such a  mess that they were not worth it. Alcohol is still best, at least for me.

Something else that is cool and I have been meaning to do is post a link to the new Hammock Camping Newsletter. If you are into hammock camping like me, then you may be interested in this link. It is by Ed Speer who is the owner of Speer Hammocks, a cool looking camping hammock and accessories for the hammock. Despite that, he lists other hammock manufacturers in his newsletter - BRAVO!

I'm waiting on some things before I publish the Hennessy Explorer review. And the LazerBrite review should be soon.

SGT Rock!

NEWS: 07 0900 DEC 2002

I have started working on some site updates today. I've written a LazerBrite Review for BPGT and I'm working on the Hennessy Ultralight Explorer Asym Hammock review. I've decided to hold off on the Aqua Mira for now. But I've also got an experiment going on how to make you own fuel tabs - it will probably fail. But if it succeeds, imagine making your own fuel tablets for about 9 cents each.

SGT Rock!

NEWS: 02 2000 DEC 2002

I just got back yesterday and have been trying to catch up on e-mails. This weekend I'll be writing about 3 reviews (LazerBrite, Hennessy Explorer A-Sym, and Aqua Mira) as well as doing some site clean up.

I had a good hike on the Sipsey and even made it to the Pinhoti for a short walk. All in all, a good vacation. Now it is time to plan next summer's big hike - I'm thinking AT from Hot Springs to Damascus.

SGT Rock!

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20 1945 OCT 2000

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