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Peak to Peak Trail and Wilderness Links


1. Mail drops usually cost about $3.50 to $5 in my experience. I doubled that to account for a bounce box.

2. Re-supply figures for an average 4-5 days between re-supply. About $35 is for actual supplies like food, fuel, film, zip-locks, first aid, etc. The rest is for a good meal or two while in town.

3. Days on trail cost is a projected amount to cover incidental expenses like the occasional soda machine, unexpected hot meal opportunities, offers of gas for a ride, fees for pay campsites, showers, laundry, etc.

4. Hostels are about $10-$15 in my experience, the rest is for meals in town and other opportunities like movies.

5. Hotel costs are very similar to Hostel planned expenses, I just expect to pay more for the actual room.

6. $500 for an emergency should cover unexpected large equipment replacement, busses or plane rides home, or possible medical care needed on the trail. Medical stuff will mostly covered by my insurance, but there is still deductibles.

Category Estimated Number Estimated Cost Each Estimated Total
Mail Drops 23 $10.00 $230.00
Re-Supply 38 $50.00 $1,900.00
Days on Trail 152 $5.00 $760.00
Hostels 23 $25.00 $575.00
Hotels 7 $70.00 $490.00
Emergency 1 $500.00 $500.00
Total     $4,455.00
Miles: 2168 Cost per Mile: $2.05
Months on Trail 5 Cost per Month: $891.00
Days on Trail 152 Cost per Day: $29.31