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Unlike many thru-hikers, I plan to do very limited mail drops. After talking to some veteran thru-hikers and doing some practice hikes, I have decided that the minimal savings from buying bulk foods in advance will be more than offset by the cost of mailing, and the fact that I will most likely throw out most of my mail drop food by the 20th box of plain grits and ramen. After 2-3 months on the trail, who knows what I'll want to eat and carry. An excellent article describing re-supply options with the advantages and disadvantages of each is by Hungry Howie on his web site, Walking is Freedom. Another excellent article describing good re-supply locations is Re-Supply Advice by Jack Tarlin  (Baltimore Jack)

Basically I have three types of mail drops:

1. Full mail drops that include food, toilet paper, stove fuel, paper, etc. I only plan on getting 4 of these at Fontana Dam, Harper's Ferry, Port Clinton, and Glencliff.

2. The second type will consist of just maps, guidebook sections, and some of my homemade beef jerky (which is the best). I have an idea of where I want the drops, but until I get the entire map set, the proposed drops in the list below are where I'm planning to get those.

3. The third type will be  a gear drop. There will be three of these 1. Pearisburg for summer gear, 2. Glincliff for my winter gear that I will mail out in Pearisburg, and 3. Millinocket for some town clothes and a duffle bag for the trip home.

In addition to my scheduled mail drops, I intend to use a bounce box that will have toiletry supplies, duct tape, knife sharpener, etc. I will include this stuff in my first mail drop at Fontana Dam, and turn that box into a bounce box.


Drop Number: Date to ship: Date to arrive: Postage: Mail to: Contents: Added stuff requested: notes
1 14-Mar-07 21-Mar-07   Ernest Engman                                               c/o General Dilevery                                 Fontanna Dam, NC 28733                                Hold for A.T. Hiker, expected 21 MARCH Food, start bounce box, maps (3, 4&5, 6)   Fontanna Dam Shelter
2 2-Apr-07 9-Apr-07   Ernest Engman                                                c/o General Dilevery                              Damascus, VA 24236                                     Hold for A.T. Hiker, expected 9 APRIL maps (7, 8, 9)   Damascus - Thru Hiker's Hostel
3 14-Apr-07 21-Apr-07   Ernest Engman                                                 c/o General Dilevery                             Pearisburg, VA 24134                                    Hold for A.T. Hiker, expected 21 APRIL summer gear, maps (9, 10, 11)   Pearisburg - Holy Family Hostel
4 30-Apr-07 6-May-07   Ernest Engman                                               c/o General Dilevery                             Waynesboro, VA 22980                                 Hold for A.T. Hiker, expected 6 MAY maps (12, 13, 14)   Waynesboro - Exxon Cabin Court
5 6-May-07 13-May-07   Ernest Engman                                               c/o General Dilevery                                     Linden, VA 22642                                        
Hold for A.T. Hiker, expected 13 MAY
maps (15, 16)   Front Royal - Center City Motel
6 10-May-07 17-May-07   Ernest Engman                                               c/o General Delivery                                       Harpers Ferry, VA 25425                                Hold for A.T. Hiker, expected 17 MAY  food, maps (17, 18, 19, 20)   Harper's Ferry - Sandy Hook AYH Hostel
7 19-May-07 26-May-07   Ernest Engman                                                c/o General Delivery                           
Duncanon, PA 17020                                     Hold for A.T. hiker, expected 26 MAY
maps (21, 22)   Duncanon, PA - Doyle Hotel
8 24-May-07 31-May-07   Ernest Engman                                               c/o General Delivery                                          Port Clinton, PA 19549                                   Hold for A.T. hiker, expected 31 MAY food, maps (22, 23)   Port Clinton, PA - Union House B&B & Hiker Hostel
9 30-May-07 5-Jun-07   Ernest Engman                                                c/o General Delivery                                 Delaware Water Gap, PA 18327
Hold for A.T. hiker, expected 5 JUNE
maps (23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28)   Delaware Water Gap - Presbyterian Church of the Mountain Hostel
10 9-Jun-07 16-Jun-07   Ernest Engman                                                 c/o General Delivery                                         Kent, CT 06757                                               Hold for A.T. hiker, expected 16 JUNE maps (29, 30, 31, 32)   Kent, CT - passing thu
11 21-Jun-07 28-Jun-07   Ernest Engman                                                c/o General Delivery                                 Manchester Center, VT 05255
Hold for A.T. hiker, expected 28 JUNE
maps (32, 33, 34)   Manchester Center, VT - passing thru
12 1-Jul-07 8-Jul-07   Ernest Engman                                                c/o General Delivery                                      
Glencliff, NH 03238                                      
Hold for A.T. hiker, expected 8 JUL
food, winter clothing, maps (34, 35, 36, 37, 38)   Glencliff, NH - hikers Welcome hostel
13 19-Jul-07 26-Jul-07   Ernest Engman                                                c/o General Delivery                            
Caratunk, ME 04925                                       Hold for A.T. hiker, expected 26 JUL
maps (39, 40, 41, 42)   Caratunk, ME - Caratunk House Hikers B&B Hostel
14 28-Jul-07 3-Aug-07   Ernest Engman
c/o General Delivery
Millinocket, ME 04462
Hold for A.T. Hiker, expected 3 AUG
Street clothing and duffle bag    


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