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Dances with Marmots: From Mexico to Canada along the Pacific Crest Trail
by George G. Spearing

Here is a question: What do you do if you are a career firefighter from New Zealand and are looking for something to do out of the ordinary?

For George Spearing the answer was obvious: Go for a walk-about on the Pacific Crest Trail

I hope I am not mixing up cultures from down-under. Is it only Australians that go on a walk-about? Anyway...

Not being very familiar at all with the PCT, this was my first real introduction to what a PCT thru-hike could be like, and for that, George is the perfect guide because of his sense of humor and his ability to be the outsider looking in on some aspects of American culture at the same time. George takes you from how he made the decision to choose the PCT over the AT and the CDT (hint: he knows someone that lives near the start), through the perils of dealing with American Immigration, and then right into the adventures of his hike.

Along the way I got the feeling I wouldn't mind hiking around George - he seems like he would be a good guy to be on the trail with, well except for one thing: he likes to hike alone. I can't say that I blame him though.

I have read this book twice now and still laugh out loud at times while reading it. I still can't keep a straight face in restaurants when a waitress will ask "Soup or salad?". You will have to read the book to get that one.

In the end

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