Clothing: Worn, and Spare


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Base ClothingBase Layer and footwear

This is the base I use for all hiking. I add clothing using the layer system as needed.

Weight in Ounces Item Description
3.0 Spandex Shorts These are the cheep type, not the heavier bike style. They prevent chaffing of the thighs and don't freak people out like walking around in your underwear.
1.2 Polypropylene Sock Liners Black thin sock liner by Brigade Quartermaster. Honestly I go without socks now much of the time.
24.7 Nike Running Shoes Something new I'm trying. Don't do this unless you have a low pack weight and good ankles. Running shoes have many advantages over boots, and I no longer need camp shoes.
5.9 Nike Army Shorts Polyester shorts with US Army logo. Has nice large cargo pockets.
5.0 Dufold Coolmax T-Shirt Quick drying which is very important in hot summers and cold winters.
2.5 Nike Cool Hat Hat using coolmax and a design to help improve cooling. It also helps to keep water out of your eyes in the rain when used with your rain hood, and it keeps the sun out of your eyes when you are in the sun.
32.3 Total  

Spare/Camp Clothing

3.0 Spandex Shorts

Camp clothing to change into, or back up for my base layer

1.3 Equinox Sil Nylon Stuff Sack

Storage bag for all my clothing. It's been seam sealed with silicone sealant and is also kept inside a trash compactor bag.

4.3 Total