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Lemonade container.

My coffee cup, bowl, jar, etc.

Modifications: Trimmed off excess plastic above the threads. Made a insulated cozy from left over polypropylene fabric. The cap is marked for measuring in 1/2 cup and 1 cup increments.



With cozy

Cost: About $2

Uses: Mixing bowl, coffee mug, measuring cup, cereal bowl, water container, re-hydration chamber for ramen, beans, rice, pasta.


New cup cozy

Mt. Dew Bottle.

Mt. Dew bottle

Modifications: Removed labels. Snagged different colored caps off different soda types for color coding contents.  

Cost: $.60-$.99 each

Uses: Red = fuel, Yellow = olive oil, White = Italian dressing, Blue = beverages. Also used to store duct tape, 8 wraps = 1oz.

Duct Tape.

 8 wraps = 1oz.

Cost: $7 per roll.

Uses: Repairs anything, use as medical tape, fix leaks in nylon stuff, prevents blisters.

Binder Clips.

Binder clip holding my light!

Modifications: None

Cost: $1 per box

Uses: Clothing pins, pot holders, improvised headlight when used with LED, fasten garbage bags to tarp to make a door.

Garbage bags.

Modifications: Many.

Cost: $6.00 per box

Uses: Open completely for ground cover. Cut holes for poncho or vapor barrier vest, cut slits for backpack cover.

Rock Bag.

Stake/Rock BagUsed as a stake bag and to get your bear bag cord over a tree branch.



Aluminum Mug Pot

I found this little gem at Wal-Mart. It's a 1.25 quart mug that was located right beside where you find the grease pots. It only cost $2.78. It weighs 3.4 ounces and has a handle already built on. I added an aluminum foil lid and made a Turbo V8 stove for it. The stove, lid, and pot weigh a total of 4.3 ounces!



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