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You will not need a lot in the back country. Deodorant doesn't work when you are nasty, and you won't get showers - so shampoo isn't needed. Shaving can be done at the end of the trail. So what is left? Well, brushing your teeth, washing your hands and face, going to the bathroom, etc. Carry what you need, leave what you don't. Check out this article I wrote.

Weight in Ounces Item Description
1.2 Toilet Paper 6 sheets = 0.1 ounces. A whole roll makes you waste it, but if you only carry a little, you will be more "efficient".
1.3 Toothbrush and Paste Small travel tube of paste and a child's brush with the handle cut down. Make sure you leave it long enough to reach your back teeth.
1.6 Pack Towel Actually, only 1/2 of the original towel. You don't need much of one of these. If you want a big towel for showers, then bounce it. Many places will rent you a towel if they have a shower. A small camp towel dries quickly and is all you need.
0.3 Zip Lock Bag To keep the toilet paper in. Wet TP sucks.
2.9 Camping Soap Mint scented camping soap. I have also used dishwashing liquid with good success.
7.5 Total