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Weight (advertised): 7oz

Weight (tested): 8oz, +2 .8oz straps included

Price: $26.



I had my first opportunity to try this pad out on my Appalachian Trail trip. And I have to say - go buy one.

The Pad is a 20"x60" foam pad with egg crate pattern on one side, and smooth on the other. The pad is as comfortable as any foam pad I've slept on, so in that department it doesn't stand out. I tried it both ways, and found it most comfortable if used with the egg crate pattern down, but warmer with the egg crate pattern up.

Where it does stand out is weight. It weighs an ounce over the advertised weight, and comes with 2 .8 ounce straps for a total 9.6 ounces. I didn't trim the pad at all, but I did abandon the straps for a .5oz Velcro strap, making a pad that is as comfortable as a 3/4 Ridge Rest, with the tie, and with 240 square inches more area, for less weight. WOW!

Shortcomings or drawbacks? Well, compared to a Ridge Rest, I paid $11 more - not too bad. It is also a slightly more fragile pad. I did get a hole poked in it some where, but since it isn't inflatable, who cares. Be a little more careful when carrying the pad outside your pack in very bad terrain, but it really wasn't a problem at all on the AT. I think the hole was caused in my car trunk actually.

I found it to work very well with my car sunscreen/Nunatak Blanket/Hennessy Hammock system. I will probably add some Velcro patches to make it set up a little easier with the sunscreen.

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