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A good sleeping system can be your last defense. If the weather turns really cold, the last refuge is to hunker down inside a dry spot with all our clothing on and go to your bed.

Weight in Ounces Item Description
26.6 Nunatak Backcountry Blanket  


Down blanket with waterproof shell ant the ability to convert to a sleeping bag. Home made stuff sack.


1.1 Equinox 7 x 15 Sil Nylon Stuff sack Seam sealed with silicone sealant. I also keep it in a trash compactor bag to keep it dry.
5.1 Car Windshield Sunscreen Heat reflector - I use a car sunscreen that has a reflective surface and moderate padding. It wouldn't be effective as a ground pad because the heat would transfer through because of conduction, and the padding is so thin it wouldn't make any difference in comfort. I use this in my hammock because it prevents heat loss through radiant heat loss, and I can use it a s a sitting/lounging pad when eating and cooking. It is the lightest option at 5oz for the 2.25'x5'
5.7 Silk mummy liner Home made silk liner, very comfy and adds warmth to your sleeping system.
14.7 Ozark Trail 1/2" egg crate  sleeping pad Found at Wal-Mart. These blue pads with an Egg Crate Pattern are 24" wide instead of the normal 20" wide. I trimmed it down from 72" to 68".
44.1 Total  


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