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Price: $75

Weight (manufacturer): 83oz

Weight (tested): 83oz

Capacity: 2

Use: 3 season



I got this tent like I get most of my gear - on clearance sale. I was digging through a stack of car camping tents and found this little gem at one of those stores that buy out stock from other stores that close.

Starting out this tent does not come seam sealed. It even said so on the box. So I took the time to do so, and to spray silicone on the outside. This helps keep the tent cleaner. The tent has two aluminum poles that are easy for one person to erect. Once the poles are up, then they attach to the tent body with clips instead of sleeves, very easy for one person! After that the fly goes into place with a third aluminum pole to stiffen it at the peak and 4 plastic clips at the corners to secure it to the tent. Finally 6 stakes are put in to hold it down.

The tent has enough room for two people to get in with a little room for gear. I have slept with two adults at 5'5 and 5'8 and had room for backpacks. There is attaching points in the roof for a gear loft, but all I've used them for is to make a clothes line using 550 cord. There are little pockets at both ends for glasses, wallet, keys. etc.

As for weather worthiness, the tent is great. I tested in the backyard during a thunderstorm with 7" rain, 30 knot winds and no windbreak for protection. It stayed up fine and not a single drop of water got in. Even though there are two screen windows in the roof under the fly, there are still condensation problems. I found that you must still open the door and window partially at the tops to prevent excess moisture.

Bottom line, it is a very good, inexpensive, and light two person tent. There aren't many free standing 2 person tents that weigh about 5 pounds. This one does exactly what you want a tent to do - provide you protection from the elements without costing you an arm and a leg.

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