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Picture from SnowPeak Web Site

Price: $14.95

Weight (Manufacturer): 1.2oz

Weight (Tested): 1.2oz

Material: Titanium



Picture from SnowPeak Web Site

Price: $39.95

Weight (Manufacturer): 7.1oz

Weight (Tested): 7.7oz (with bag)

Material: Titanium




Snow Peak Titanium cookware, bag, and scrubberWhat can you say. It's titanium! I always wanted one of these, and this set rocks! The bottoms are all rounded for better efficiency, the handles are built onto them so you don't need a separate pot grabber, and they aren't so expensive you got to mortgage the house to buy them.

Titanium in most applications is an alloy, so I'm sure the reason they aren't so expensive is the contain less titanium than other models. But they are very lightweight, seem to be as strong if not stronger than steel, they won't rust, and they are just the right size for backpacking. Who cares what the alloy content is, I'm sure we will not be comparing it on the trail.

According to the add, the outer pot is for cooking, the pan is for a lid or frying, and the smaller pot is for boiling and to serve as a cup. The larger pot holds .72 liter, the small bowl holds .57 liter, and the pan holds .35 liter - all filled to the brim.

I have blackened the bottoms of the pot to increase heat absorption. I also have cut off half a plastic scrub pad to use in cleaning. Instructions say not to scour, and the titanium seems to have a nonstick quality to the inside and out.

Over a couple of years of testing I have really found the curved pot surface to be very efficient. I can get better performance from this curved pot than any of my normal pots. I  truly believe the pot is what contributes to some of the numbers my stoves give in performance. To add to that, I have been able to tweak a stove that only works well with this pot and boils a pint of water with only 12 ml of alcohol and it only weighs 0.7 ounces. It makes the stove/pot combo more efficient than Esbit stoves.

Pots, stove, stand, utensils, lighter, pot holder,  and scrubber!

As for the fork and spoon, what can you say other than they work for eating.

Bottom line: If you have the bills to shell out, it's worth it.


18 OCT 2000

Updated some of the info into a easy to use chart:

Piece Weight Capacity
Large Pot 2.8oz .72 Liter
Small Pot 2.3oz .57 Liter
Pan 2.2oz .35 Liter
Bag 0.4oz N/A
Spoon 0.7 oz 1 Tablespoon
Fork 0.5 oz N/A

What does this mean to you? Well if your an ultralight freak you would probably use just the large pot, a small pie tin for a top, and the spoon for a total of just 3.6 oz for a cook kit. This set also gives you ultralight guys the ability to have a group mess kit, my son (Stick Boy) and I were able to use the two for all our meals (we also took the pan). It also allows people backpacking solo to plan what parts they really need. I'm planning to just take the large pot, pan, and a Lexan spoon on my AT thru hike. 

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