Ion Stove Instructions


This stove isn't hard to make, if you can build the Turbo V8, then this one is easy.

Materials: 2 Welch's 5.5oz grape juice cans, some fiberglass insulation, some metal tape (optional), and a 3x10 square piece of hardware cloth.

Tools: Knife, scissors, a large paper clip (2" long), and a pair of pliers.

Step 1 - Burner

1. Make the burner holes. Gently use the knife tip to drill 6 holes evenly spaced in the lip of the can. Make them small at first, then use the paperclip to finish making the hole so you have a uniform size. Then scribe and cut out the center of the can bottom as shown. Then cut the can bottom off with an overall height of 3/4".

Step 2 - fuel chamber

2. Make the fuel chamber. Cut the bottom off the second can with an overall height of 3/4". Take the rest of the can and make 7/8" x 6" inner wall. Cut notches in about 1/8" in from the edges that are about 3/8" to 1/2" deep. Then cut four triangular shaped notches on the bottom edge so fuel can get into the inner wall.

3. Put the inner wall into the fuel chamber and then take some very loose insulation and put it between the inner and outer wall. The insulation should be about 1/2" wide, 6" long, and about 1/4"-3/8" thick. The insulation should slide in, but may need a little pushing in with the tip of your knife.

Step 4 - assemble the stove

4. Slightly crimp the top edge of the fuel chamber so you can slide the burner over the outer wall of the fuel chamber - this can be hard so be patient and take your time. Make sure as you push the parts together you get the inner wall lined up with the top.

Step 5 - the pot stand

5. Take the hardware cloth and bend the tines out on the top so they make a wider pot support. I also cut out three squares from the inside to cut the weight by about 0.1 ounces. The stove walls give it enough support without these pieces. There are two sides to the hardware cloth. the part with the vertical wires should go to the inside as you bent it into a circle.

The Ion Stove - detailed view

7. If you want, you can use some metal tape to hold the halves together. If you leave a little of the sticky juice in the stove when you burn it the first time, it will cement them together so well I don't think the tape is needed.

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