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Step 1: Gather Materials

Step 2: Build the Burner

Step 3: Inside Wall

Step 4: Fuel Chamber

Step 5: Pot Stand

Build a Better Windscreen

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Step 1: Gather Materials


o 2 V8 drink cans

o Metal tape, a 3/8"x8" strip (optional).

o Large hardware cloth 4 squares x 10 squares.

o Fiberglass insulation 1/16" wide, 3/4" high, 6" long.


o Needle nose pliers

o Wood metal screw (optional)

o Knife

o Scissors

o Ruler


Step 2: Build the Burner

1. Start by drilling 24 holes around the edge of the bottom of one can using the wood screw as a drill. They should be just large enough to poke the tip of a ballpoint pen into them. An alternate is to make 8 slits evenly spaced around the stove that are 1/16" long with the tip of a knife blade, a hiker named Buddur gave me that idea - super easy and efficient!

2. Once you have drilled the hole, cut the bottom out of the can using the knife. To do this you start by scribing a line on the inside of the bottom. Scribe it pretty deep but not all the way thru. Next scribe an X across the bottom the same way. Finally poke out the center of the X and bend the quarters until they break out on your scribe line.

3. Cut the bottom off the can 1 1/8" from the bottom using the knife. After that, use the scissors to trim it down to 1" from the bottom and even around.

4. Cut three slits about 1/2" deep evenly spaced from the bottom.


Step 3: Inside Wall

1. Take the remainder of the can and cut a flat piece 1 1/8" tall by 6" long.

2. Cut two 1/2" deep slits 1/8" from the ends, one from the top and one from the bottom.

3. Cut 4 notches 1/8" deep around the bottom edge.

4. Wrap into a cylinder and secure using tabs from #2.


Step 4: Fuel Chamber

1. Cut the bottom of the second can 1 1/8" from the bottom using the knife. Then using the scissors, trim it to 1" tall.

2. Cut the fiberglass strip to 1/6" thick, 3/4" tall, and 6" long. Wrap around your cylinder from Step 3 and push these pieces into the fuel chamber you just cut in #1.

3. Push the burner from Step 2 down over the fuel chamber and ensure you align the inner wall until it fits down inside the lip of the burner. The wall of the burner should go over the wall of the fuel chamber. Also make sure you haven't blocked the burner holes on the inside..

4. Use the metal Tape to secure the two halves (optional).


Step 5: Pot Stand

1. Cut the top wire off the 4 square x 10 square piece of hardware cloth using needle nose pliers.

2. Bend into a cylinder.

3. Bend tines on the top outward.

4. Insert into the center of the stove.

Finished project should look like this. This model is recommended for pots smaller than 1L. If you need to use a larger pot, I recommend super gluing a soup can lid to the bottom, make sure you dull any sharp edges.

Now try boiling a pint of water using 3/4 ounces of alcohol (3 soda caps full).

You should also build a windscreen using these instructions.


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