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Peak 1 Multifuel

Price: $55

Weight (manufacturer): 20.8oz

Weight (tested): 21.5 (w/Kerosene adaptor)

Fuel type: White gas, kerosene

Boil time (16oz water titanium pot): 2:00 minutes



What can I say bad about this champ. I have used my trusty Peak 1 stove on countless hikes logging hundreds of miles. It has had it's moments of being stubborn, but rarely have I ever thought of trashing it.

Set up. The Peak 1 multi fuel requires very little set up compared to some other gas stoves. Simply fold out the three legs, pump it up about 20 times, and light. No complex bottle - fuel line attachments and wind screens to set up.

Cooking. This baby can cook. Water starts forming bubbles in just 2 minutes. At 2:30 water is a t a rolling boil. It has a very easy to adjust flame that can go down to a simmer and back to full blast in an instant. No complicated reduced bottle pressure or simmer plate systems. It's maximum output of 8000 BTU is impressive, few gas stoves compare, and with an 11oz tank, it can do that for 78 minutes.

My Peak 1 when a seal failed during testing!Draw backs. Ok, it's heavy compared to a bottle stove, Esbit, or  alcohol stove. Empty it weighs 21oz, and full it weighs 30oz. But when you consider it's super fast and simple cooking ability, it can even itself out for winter cooking, complex dish cooking, or need to cook for a large group. It also can't use a windscreen, the heat build up near the tank could be dangerous. It also wastes fuel during light up to heat the generator, and during shut off while fuel and pressure drain from the lines. There is a need to constantly monitor to ensure there is enough tank pressure while cooking. Occasionally the system requires maintenance like oiling the pump and cleaning the jets.  Sometimes there is the possibility of a seal failure, resulting in a ball of flame.

Compared to a MSR Wisperlight with an 11oz bottle (which also is adjustable) they have almost the same weight - 20 vs. 21, and at about half the cost. Sure it wont fit inside your standard cook pot, but if that's what you want, then pay the extra $50.

Final analysis. For most three season solo cooking, I can rely on an Esbit or alcohol stove. Both of these are half the weight of the Peak 1 with fuel. And with wind screens, they approach the same boil performance. But when winter comes, and there is snow, ice, and drastically low temps to cook it - the Peak 1 is my choice of gear.

Fuel Boil Time Rolling boil Fuel efficiency Simmer time
White gas/kerosene 2:00 2:30 11 days 6 hours at lowest simmer

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