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Dryer Duct and Soda Can stove

Soda Can stove

Dryer Duct Soda Can Stove

Soda can stove with dryer duct pot stand/heat reflector

Weight: 1oz

Price: $3.50

Homepage: Stove and Stand

The soda can stove is one of the cheapest, lightest, and easiest of the homemade stove designs I've tried. Unfortunately it is the least efficient I've tried.

With .5oz alcohol, I barely got the water to a semi boil, and never achieved rolling boil.

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Soda Can Stove w/Screen

Soda can stove with wind screen

Weight: 1.5oz

Price: $1.60

Homepage: Stove and Stand

Same stove, different pot stand and wind screen. A half ounce heavier, but way more efficient! worth the extra 1/2 ounce for sure. This stove boils great on .5oz fuel, and with the easy to build instructions, anyone can make this stove from stuff around the house!

To make the windscreen, all you need is an oven liner. Cut it so it wraps around your pot with about 1/8"-1/4" space, and cut it high enough that it comes just below the pot handles. Use a hole punch to make air holes around the base and use paperclips to hold the ends together. It's the same windscreen from my Tuna Can Stove.

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Stove Fuel Weight Boil Rolling Boil Burn Out
Duct & Can .5oz 1oz 6:50 N/A 7:00
Can w/Screen .5oz 1.5oz 3:00 6:00 7:00

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