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Peak to Peak Trail and Wilderness Links
Peak to Peak Trail and Wilderness Links


NEWS: 28 1930 FEB 2002

No real update today. Just fixing a couple of broken links and fixing some small spell editing on some old errors I only recently caught.

Today I started my retirement planning. I have been getting my IRAs into order and looking at how my Germany assignment will change some of my plans (other than my hike) and investments. I started looking at retirement leave and selling excess leave to finance my thru-hike. Car life expectance, house loans, and post retirement jobs are become realities for me to face in the next 4 years.

It is sometimes depressing to think I'll be leaving the Army, but the positive aspect will be my thru-hike. Leaving the Army, and the Cavalry, will be hard. I could say more, but this isn't the place.

And on another note, tomorrow is the last day of the Master Sergeant promotion board - I've got my fingers crossed.

SGT Rock!

NEWS: 25 2030 FEB 2002

Last night I re did part of the format for my gear page, and then the format for all the pages under that to elaborate on the gear or the reason I carry a specific piece of gear. Hopefully it should answer some questions I typically get about some of my stuff.

I also found two books at the Alexandria Books-a-Million on the AT: "Long Distance Hiking: lessons from the Appalachian Trail" by Roland Mueser, and "On the Beaten Path" by Robert Alden Rubin. This gives me some good reading to sink my teeth into.

SGT Rock!

NEWS: 24 2020 FEB 2002

Got the digital camera working today and made some pictures to catch up some pages like the Turbo V8 Stove page and the Custom Stove page. Check out the cool pictures of stoves burning:

Turbo V8 Stove Soda Can Stove Cat Stove - see the stand glowing from the heat

I have also made some pictures of my clothing to go with my gear pages so you can see what some of my clothing I use looks like. I have had a lot of questions about my insulation gear lately.

Base Layer/Normal clothing

Rain Gear

Spring/Fall clothing

Winter Clothing

SGT Rock!

NEWS: 16 2000 FEB 2002

I spent today going over my AT thru-hike plan. It had been about 1 1/2 years since I first wrote it, and because of some reconnaissance of the trail, some research on the web, and Wingfoot's "Thru Hiker's Handbook", I have been making some changes to my plan. Some of it is for humor, and some is just a loose idea of what I may end up doing. I got an e-mail this week asking about some of my information, since I don't want to leave incorrect information up, I decided to fix it.

SGT Rock!

NEWS: 12 1530 FEB 2002

Today I filled some stove orders out and made an on-line owner's manual for the Cat Stove, and for the Turbo V8.

SGT Rock!

NEWS: 11 1530 FEB 2002

I just got back in town yesterday evening and I'm enjoying everything like heat, showers, beds, lack of dust, laundry, etc. Actually I want to hit a trail again - go figure.

I have a ton of e-mail to answer, but I'm close to finishing that, as well as two stove orders to fill for cat stoves. Busy, busy, busy.

Now that I'm back, most of my energy will to be getting ready to move to Europe, but I would like just one more AT trip before I go.

SGT Rock!

All dates are done in military day/time group. Example:

20 1945 OCT 2000

This means 20 (20th day) 1945 (7:45 PM) OCT (October) 2000 (year 2000). Hope this clears up any confusion.

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