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Peak to Peak Trail and Wilderness Links


NEWS: 30 1300 SEP 2001

Small updated today. I changed some gear on my packing list and my Excel packing list to reflect current gear and future gear plans.

I've also fixed some links and added a link for Fool on the Hill, Sweeper's web site. He has some cool gear ideas and plans as well as his excellent journal from this years AT thru hike and LT hike.

Two more weeks to this site's one year anniversary.

SGT Rock!

NEWS: 23 1900 SEP 2001

Today updated my ZIP stove review with some more notes on pros and cons. I also added links for some of the irregular fonts my web site uses. Look over in the links to the left, they are at the very bottom. It isn't important, but it will help you see the pages the way I set them up.

SGT Rock!

NEWS: 21 2400 SEP 2001

Today I finished my review of the Zip stove. Thanks again to Hog On Ice for the loan of the stove. BTW, how do you get a trail name like that? Never mind, I probably don't want to know.

In other news, is back up with a cool new format, and now there is a site specifically for thru hikers called Go over and check out Wingfoot's new sites.

SGT Rock!

NEWS: 14 2000 SEP 2001

In case you have been living under a rock and haven't seen a TV or listened to a radio for the last few days, America has been attacked by terrorists in what can only be considered an act of war.

Thousands of innocent people have been killed by cowardly terrorists, anarchists out to destroy the country and the freedoms we enjoy. My heart goes out to the families of the people killed and wounded.

I have also received emails from some of my friends from abroad expressing their condolences for our country - for this I am grateful. It truly means something to the US to know we do not mourn alone, and that we are not alone in our outrage in this crime against the entire civilized world.

As a member of the US Army, I find myself feeling like we have somehow failed to protect the citizens of this country - something we swore to do. I hope that in the near future, we can somehow help make things right.

We (the military) are on high alert and I can only assume that soon we will be called upon to serve either at home or abroad in what may soon become the first war of the new century.

There are no updates today, even though I have some to done, and there may not be any for a while to come. But hopefully things will return to near normal quickly if only to spite those that thought that they were destroying this great country.

God bless America, and God bless the entire world.

SGT Rock!

NEWS: 01 2000 SEP 2001

Today I've added in some more pictures and fixed some stuff on my AT trip journal pages that were wrong. There is still a lot of scanning left to do to finish them up.

Most of my work today was trying to update search engines to the new site address. Almost any search you would do would direct you to the old NBCi site that is supposed to be going down any time now, and will not accept a re-direct upload.

I also fixed my routing problem so now I have a great internet connection for all computers on my home network using DSL and a fire wall. I think the next big problem will be when I run out of web space, I'm already over 1/2 way there.

SGT Rock!

All dates are done in military day/time group. Example:

20 1945 OCT 2000

This means 20 (20th day) 1945 (7:45 PM) OCT (October) 2000 (year 2000). Hope this clears up any confusion.

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