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Last Updated: 09-Jun-2015

In the last couple of years I've been working very hard to get my pack weight down. It has been done mostly as a challenge to myself to make certain weight goals, 8 pounds Summer, 10 pounds Spring/Fall, and 12 pounds Winter as base weight.

After making those weights I didn't really find myself any happier with a lower weight. I've come to the conclusion that arbitrary weights to "qualify" as ultralight are stupid. If you are carrying 12.05 pounds and want to call yourself ultralight, then you should call yourself ultralight. In the descriptions below I will highlight anything I am not happy with so you can see what I am talking about.

That said, shooting for a weight goal, say 5 pounds for a summer trip, and then experimenting with what it takes to get to that weight may teach you something about what you need and what you really don't need. I still try to do a sub 5 pound base trip every summer. I find that the more I do this, the less items I carry as I learn to do without things I thought were needed.

Most likely I will eventually end up with goal weights more like 8.25 Summer, 10.5 Spring/Fall, and 12.75 and be happier with that gear than the slightly lighter stuff in this current packing list. I'll keep everyone updated.

Item: Weight: Number: Total:
Summer Clothing (50F and up) - these clothes are always in my pack. They add a little comfort when the occasional summer cool spot hits or as dry replacements for part of my base I wear (listed below).
Dahlgren ankle socks. Light socks I can use if the Wright socks are too heavy for that particular day. 1.69 1 1.69
Zpacks cuben fiber stuff sack. These sacks are not very durable but they are light. The bag itself can work as a bag for a long time, but the waterproof qualities don't last with time. I plan on getting a larger one and not stuffing it so much and see if that makes them last longer 0.17 1 0.17

Montbell Down Ex Light Down Jacket. I carry this even in the summer because sometimes it can get cold in the mountains even in July.

5.37 1 5.37
Total 7.23
Wind layer - I carry these clothes all year round. In winter I put them on when walking most of the time.

Condor ACU Buff. Used when you need a little extra wind protection on your face. I got this years ago in Iraq.

1.28 1 1.28
MontBell UL wind pants. Small, light, easy to put on breathable nylon pants for times you need something on your legs but are moving and fleece would be a bad idea. 2.43 1 2.43
Zpacks Rain Mittens. I often use these in cold weather as wind protection. 1.05 1 1.05

Patagonia Houdini Wind Shirt. Same use as the wind pants.

3.96 1 3.96
Total 8.72
Rain Gear - the articles can be used in a surprise cool snap in summer it gives me something to wear in camp. I've seen high 30's in the Appalachian Mountains in July before.
Anti Gravity Gear Pit Vent Jacket. 5.54 1 5.54
Anti Gravity Gear rain pants. 2.40 1 2.40
Dutchware Cuben Fiber pack cover. Dutch doesn't make these anymore as far as I know. 1.09 1 1.09
Mesh bag for carrying rain gear. 0.15 1 0.15
Total 10.78
Rain Gear - In the winter I add this to my rain gear
Goosefeet sock covers. I've found that in bad cold/wet weather these work for inside the shoe sock protection for walking as well, not just for covering the down socks in camp. I only carry these in winter time. 1.75 1 1.75
Total 1.75
Gloves - My standard gloves carried spring & fall, and worn in winter.
Mountain Hardware Woolweight gloves. I don't think they make these anymore either. 2.28 1 2.28
Total 2.28
Spring/Fall Clothing (30 to 50 degrees) - When the forecast for my hike looks like it can get into the 30's I add this layer to my pack. It is my insulation base layer.
REI PowerStretch Top. Good, light base layer for my top. I don't think they make these anymore. 9.12 1 9.12
Arc'Teryx Rho Pants. Good, light base layer for my legs. I don't think they make these anymore either. 8.07 1 8.07
Zpacks cuben fiber stuff sack. These sacks are not very durable but they are light. The bag itself can work as a bag for a long time, but the waterproof qualities don't last with time. I plan on getting a larger one and not stuffing it so much and see if that makes them last longer 0.17 1 0.17
Custom Zpacks cuben fiber roll top pack liner. I use this in Fall, Winter, and Spring. In summer I use something lighter. 1.25 1 1.25
Dahlgren Alpaca Socks. I love these socks! 3.05 1 3.05
Green Fleece Hat. Another left over from the Army. 1.25 1 1.25
Total 22.91
Winter Clothing (0 to 30 degrees) - If the forecast for my hike is going to be below the 30F level, I add my puffy layer to stay warm in camp. I rarely ever hike in this stuff.
Western Mountaineering Flight Down Vest. When combined with my Montbell Down jacket this is a really warm and light combo. Plus this has pockets to put your hands in. Nice. 7.81 1 7.81
Western Mountaineering Flash Down Pants. Very light and comfortable. 7.64 1 7.64
Zpacks fleece mittens. Designed to be used layered with the rain mittens I carry (see above). 1.21 1 1.21
Goosefeet down socks. Something nice to keep your feet warm in camp. Designed to be used in layers with the waterproof covers (see above) 2.13 1 2.13
Zpacks down hood. Used in camp to stay warm and for sleeping in during the winter. 1.31 1 1.31
Cuben stuff sack. Similar in size to the Zpacks stuff sack but one I made myself. Slightly heavier and bigger. It still shows signs of wear. 0.21 1 0.21
Total 20.30
Electronics - Technology is a bane to my hiking weight. I started carrying a phone when pay phones started disappearing.
Headphone. Work with the phone or the MP3 player. 0.37 1 0.37
iRiver e40 8GB MP3 player. 50 hours of run time on a full charged battery. 1.55 1 1.55
DIY waterproof MP3 player cover that I can hang off my pack straps 0.12 1 0.12
Zebralight H501 with DIY headband and AA Li battery. I chose AA for easy of resupply and best power to weight ratio of of A sized batteries. The H501 has been discontinued. 1.62 1 1.62
Spare Li battery for the headlamp 0.51 1 0.51
Spare battery for Sony TX20 0.51 1 0.51
Sony TX20. Starts up fast, has a cover to protect the lenses, and is waterproof. 4.75 1 4.75
Stick pic. Turns a hiking pole into an instant camera mount. 0.40 1 0.40
Samsung Galaxy 4. This does all sorts of things. 4.65 1 4.65
Spare Smart Phone battery. That way I have a back up if the primary dies in the woods. 1.53 1 1.53
Krusell Sealabox. Waterproof box for my S4 with room to spare. 1.27 1 1.27
Total 17.28
Luxury Items - items that make camping a pleasure.
Flask. Just an old water bottle for carrying bourbon in. I found these last a lot longer than you would think, and you can collapse them some as they empty. 0.35 1 0.35
Small pipe. 0.90 1 0.90
Scripto lighter. I keep a lighter with my pipe and tobacco because it is just easier to find that way. I know this adds a little unnecessary weight, but it works for me. 0.61 1 0.61
Snack sized zip lock for pipe tobacco. 0.06 1 0.06
Total 1.91
Bug Stuff - if bugs are expected based on location/season, I bring this extra stuff.
HUG net for my hammock 2.12 1 2.12
Head net. I've tweaked it a little to cut weight 0.94 1 0.94
Deet sprayer. Weight is just for the empty spray bottle. 0.35 1 0.35
Total 3.41
Kitchen - these items make up my kitchen. I love to eat hot food and have been known to cook three hot meals a day, especially in winter.
DIY platic spoon. OK, this was a bigger plastic spoon of a much different shape. But boredom and a sharp pocket knife made it the spoon I wanted for my pack. Light and durable plus it is just the right size. 0.16 1 0.16
Snow Peak Titanium bowl. Super light and just the right size for one hiker to cook in. I've added an aluminum lid to help heat water faster. I'm still working on a good lid solution. 1.99 1 1.99
Zpacks Cuben Fiber Food bag. Like most of the other cuben fiber bags, this one is showing lots of signs of wear, but is still working as a bag. I've been contemplating making a replacement from Tyvek. 0.95 1 0.95
Modified Ion Stove with titanium stand. Made from tea light candles. This one only holds 0.5 ounces fuel so you never need to measure it. 0.31 1 0.31
Titanium foil windscreen/wood stove. I've made this screen so that it can also be used for the ring around a stick fire for cooking on wood. Works well with my 4 ti stakes serving as the pot stand. 0.31 1 0.31
Homemade pot Coozie. Useful for keeping food in my pot warm longer as well as for freezer bag cooking. 0.55 1 0.55
Scripto lighter. I like Scripto because they don't weigh much and hey have an adjustable flame unlike some Bic lighters these days. 0.61 1 0.61
2+ Liter Platypus. I usually only use this in camp, but there have been days I need to carry extra water. 1.28 1 1.28
8 ounce fuel bottle. This small water bottle doesn't look tough, but has lasted for many hundreds of miles. 0.37 1 0.37
8 ounce olive oil bottle. I use the same style bottle as my fuel bottle except with a pull top so oil doesn't get past the threads of the cap from pouring. 0.49 1 0.49
"Water filter". Actually this is just a nylon woman's sock. It works to keep floaties out of your water and you can also use it like a tea bag to brew coffee. 0.11 1 0.11
Rings made from Shark Bite Tube. When I do hang I use these for raising the cord and to make a stopper 0.04 2 0.08
Dutchware Ti Biner. I use this to hang my food. Normally I hang it off the foot end of my hammock, but sometimes I use a bear cable when provided, and occasionally I even throw my own bear line. 0.08 1 0.08
DIY coffee Mug made with one of those 'Go Pack Snack containers, a lid from Krispy Kreme donuts, and a beer coozie. 0.86 1 0.86
32 oz water bottle - aquafina bottle or some such bottle with a carabineer to clip onto my pack. Thought  this bottle is a little lighter, I prefer to use the Powerade bottles due to the larger opening. I will probably switch back which will add 0.45 ounces. 1.32 1 1.32
Ultralight pack towel. Actually, only part of the original towel. You don't need much of one of these. If you want a big towel for showers, then bounce it. Many places will rent you a towel if they have a shower. A small camp towel dries quickly and is all you need. I use mine as a pot grabber so it has some singe holes in it. 0.49 1 0.49
Fast Food Joint Straw. I like to use this to drink directly from springs. Its weight doesn't even register. 0.00 1 0.00
Plastic bottle for Tabasco. Because you need the heat. 0.30 1 0.30
Zip Lock freezer bag (1 Qt). I keep my oil and hot sauce in this to prevent messes in case of a leak 0.24 1 0.24
Zip Lock freezer bag (1 gallon). For packing out my trash 0.45 1 0.45
small dropper bottle with chlorine in it for treating the suspect water when I do treat. 0.26 1 0.26
Total 11.22
Miscellaneous Gear - those odds and ends you need.
First Aid and Repair Kit with spare batteries. Just what you need to fix yourself or your gear up to get into the next town. 3.63 1 3.63
Micro Biner, I hang my camera off of this using the stic-pic when hiking, and at night I sometimes use it to hang my pack from a hammock support line. 0.11 1 0.11
Lens Wiper. Keeps itself dry and is handy when you need it. Hangs on a pack strap. 0.26 1 0.26
Mesh Stuff Sack. A small sack for keeping the knick-nacks in. 0.12 1 0.12
Thermometer. Tied outside my pack to let me know if I should snivel or not. 0.23 1 0.23
Total 4.35
Hygiene - keep clean and healthy.
Small bottle of alcohol hand sanitizer. Just the bottle weight. 0.32 1 0.32
Bag for baby wipes. When cleaning up in the woods, sometimes you need a little extra help. Weight is for just the bag. 0.13 1 0.13
Den-Tek comfort fit bite guard. If you have to use one of these like I do, find these very light ones. 0.06 1 0.06
Pill bag. These bags are waterproof, have a Mylar vapor barrier, and a zip top closure. Since they are "soft" they take up less bulk in small packs. 0.07 1 0.07
1/2 kids tooth brush and travel tooth paste (tube weight only listed here).. Make sure you leave it long enough to reach your back teeth. 0.37 1 0.37
Zip lock bag (sandwich sized). For carrying toilet paper in. 0.21 1 0.21
Zip lock bag (snacked sized). For carrying Body Glide in. Take the body glide out of the hard plastic container it comes in and put it in one of these super small bags. The weight here is for the empty bag. 0.06 1 0.06
Total 1.08
Navigation and lights - to make your way down the trail without getting lost.
1 Quart zip lock freezer bag. For keeping my paper, spare paper maps, pen, Sudoku, and guide book pages in inside my pack. I carry two of these, one has all that stuff and one has the map I am currently hiking to serve as a waterproof map case. 0.235 2 0.47
Anti-Gravity Gear Pocket Profiles. Whenever possible I carry these. I keep one in my shorts pocket and carry the others in my pack 0.16 1 0.16
Sheets of paper torn from a steno pad 0.045 4 0.18
Fisher Space Pen Stowaway. 0.17 1 0.17
Maps. These days I generally make paper maps of where I am going, but not always. This is the weight of one sheet of letter paper with maps printed on both sides.. 0.33 2 0.66
Guide book. Depends on what trail I'm on as to weight. For the AT I like the AT Guide. I tear out the pages for the section I am going to hike. .075 4 0.30
Total 1.94
Shelter -  What I carry to build my shelter.
DIY 7'x9' Cuben Fiber Tarp with lines and ti Dutchware hooks. 5.44 1 5.44
DIY mesh tarp bag. I made the storage bag from mesh so if it gets put away wet it doesn't mildew as fast. 0.21 1 0.21
Rock/Stake bag  I added my 50' of line as the pull cord for this bag - 50' for a little bag? Voila! I now have a combination stake bag and throw bag/cord for my food bag. 0.83 1 0.83
Emergency blanket. I carry this mylar blanket cut down to make a ground cloth in a pinch if I cannot hang. I've been carrying it since 2007 and not used it yet. 0.96 1 0.96
Sharkbite ridge pole. I use this if I want to spread my tarp out more during bad weather by connecting my trekking poles. It also serves as a good way to catch water from springs and streams. 0.86 1 0.86
Home made stakes from Easton arrows and hardwood golf tees. 0.167 3 0.50
DIY Titanium V stakes. I know it sounds funny to make your own stakes, but I am particular about my gear and have sheet titanium at the house. I can use these as a pot stand with my titanium windscreen to make a wood stove that uses sticks. 0.253 4 1.03
Titanium V Stake poop trowel with tree extender handle. Another case of wanting what I want and no one making it. I made this V stake with a wider point area so I could dig cat holes, and then added a 5' length of dynaglide in case I need an extension for my hammock suspension 0.68 1 0.68
Total 10.52
Hammock - My own DIY system.
Ghost II hammock. I've put the plans up on my site. You can build your own. 4.76 1 4.76
Mule Tape suspension. I tie this to the hammock using the slippery sheet bend or Becket hitch. 0.905 2 1.81
I Jacks 'R Better Down to Earth pad. They don't make these anymore, but I like mine alright. The foam pad isn't very durable and mine has some rips in it. I plan to order some more foam pad someday and make my own coppy. I have one of their lighter versions 4.49 1 4.49
Zpacks Large stuff sack. While the other stuff sacks are not holding up well, this one is doing OK. I don't know what the difference is, maybe it is because this one isn't stuffed to capacity. 0.35 1 0.35
Total 11.41
Summer Pack and Sleeping system. This is the gear I carry when the weather is going to be 50F+
Heavily Modified Zpack Blast 16. I got this pack used a few years back and have been tinkering with it ever since trying to make it work. The cuben fiber is wearing out, the pack pulls funny, and it is a sweat machine. I've added a pocketed hip belt, mesh pad sleeve, exterior load tie downs, etc. to try and make it work better. After all this work I can passably go 18 pounds or lighter in it. Less is better. Zpacks has changed the design over the years and I am sure the packs they sell now are better than this one as I hear lots of good things about their packs. 6.61 1 6.61
Frame pad. An old piece of a Mt Washington pad I used as a back panel on the blast pack. It also is useful as a sit pad and some hammock insulation. Gossamer Gear now sells something similar. 0.83 1 0.83
Oware 3/8" pad cut down to assist the Mt Washington pad piece. Folds out to give some extra back insulation in the summer when needed. 0.56 1 0.56
Turkey oven bag pack liner. I modified two to make one slightly larger bag for use in summer with a light load. It works. 0.79 1 0.79
Jacks R' Better Shenandoah Quilt. A great lightweight summer quilt I use as my top quilt in this season. 14.71 1 14.71
Te-Wa Breeze 3/4 underquilt. At the time I was shopping this was the lightest one I could find. It works very well. I've modified it to use Dutchware quilt hooks for suspension under the hammock. This is a great little quilt and Te-Wa makes some fine gear. 9.32 1 9.32
Total 32.82
Spring/Fall Pack and Sleeping System - when the weather can go below 50F but I don't expect to go below 30F I carry this gear.
Dream Assault Pack. I'm not kidding when I say that I dreamed this up. I woke up from a dream and started drawing the plans for this pack. I made one before this and messed it up pretty bad, but learned a lot. This one seems to have got it right. I love this pack and have considered scrapping trying to make the Blast work and just use this for Summer packing. I can comfortably pack up to about 22 pounds in this, and can do more in a pinch for short hauls. 9.85 1 9.85
Frame pad. An old piece of a Mt Washington pad I used as a back panel on the blast pack. It also is useful as a sit pad and some hammock insulation. Gossamer Gear now sells something similar. 0.83 1 0.83
Oware 3/8" pad cut down to assist the Mt Washington pad piece. Folds out to give some extra back insulation in the summer when needed. Bigger than the piece for the blast 2.52 1 2.52
Jacks 'R Better No Sniveler. This is the original prototype that the Jacks sent me in 2004. It has been modified a few times to bring it up to modern standards since then, but I love this quilt. I use it in this season as a top quilt. How many people get to say that a piece of equipment was named after them? 20.59 1 20.59
Jacks 'R Better Greylock 3 Underquilt. In case you haven't noticed, I like Jacks 'R Better Gear. This has also been modified to use Dutchware quilt hooks. 13.70 1 13.70
Total 47.92
Winter Pack and Sleeping - when I expect weather below the 30's I add this stuff to stay comfortable.
Dream frame pack. When I got done making my assault pack, I decided to make one up with a carbon fiber stay system and use some heavier materials. This pack is very similar to my Elemental Horizons Kalais in many ways except a couple of important ones: quality and fit. I'm no expert and I think Matthew with Elemental Horizons is a much better pack maker than I am. It got my weight down, but at what penalty? I can comfortably carry about 24 pounds in this. Maybe 30 in a short duration hike. I'm thinking of bumping this down to my light spring/fall pack and putting my Kalais back in the rotation as my heavy pack. Funny to think 35 pounds is now heavy compared to what I once carried. 14.47 1 14.47
Larger Frame pad. An old piece of a Mt Washington pad I used as a back panel on the blast pack. It also is useful as a sit pad and some hammock insulation. Gossamer Gear now sells something similar. 1.26 1 1.26
Heavy Frame Pad. This pad is 1/2" pad from Oware and helps with the support system of this pack. Compared to my mummy pad from my 2008 hike, this combined with the Down to Earth pad isn't as warm. I'm thinking of bring that old mummy pad out of retirement for winter camping. 3.80 1 3.80
Hammock Gear Burrow 20. This down bag is very toasty and I got a good deal on it used. Hammock Gear is another manufacturer I highly endorse. 21.04 1 21.04
Hammock Gear Phoenix 0 3/4 Underquilt. Also modifid with Dutchware quilt hooks. 20.88 1 20.88

Piss bottle. I use a Sunny Delight bottle when it is VERY cold. I don't want to leave my warm hammock to go. The wide mouth helps make this a little easier. It takes some practice though. This means you also have a warm water bottle to help thaw out your feet without burning any extra fuel. Don't drink from it!

0.85 1 0.85
Total 62.31
Clothing (Worn) -This stuff serves as my base clothing for all hikes - even in winter. Those surprise warm snaps hit even in January down here. In winter I bump my wind layer and gloves up to the worn category and out of the pack.
Wright double layer ankle socks. For when I want more cushion. When I need cooler feet I swap to the Dahlgren socks in my pack. 2.07 1 2.07
Outdoor Research Echo T-Shirt. A very light, loose fitting T-shirt.. 3.27 1 3.27
Salmon Fellraiser Trail Runners. These are new. After I walked my old favorite pair of Salmons to death I found they didn't make that model anymore. So for the last few years I've been on a quest for good trail shoes I like. 22.60 1 22.60
Anti-Gravity Gear Pocket Profiles. Whenever possible I carry these. I keep one in my shorts pocket and carry the others in my pack 0.16 1 0.16
ID, money, credit cards, and keys. Zip lock style hiker wallet. Keep the cards to a minimum: ID, ATM, insurance, emergency contacts. When I hike a short stretch I also have the car key with me. My friend Jermm made this for me. 1.28 1 1.28
Komperdell Natural Stick Carbon. Barbon fiber ski poles with leather handles that make great trekking poles. Most times people don't believe they are carbon fiber because of the bamboo laminate. I don't think they make these anymore. 5.62 2 11.24
Duct tape - on trekking poles. Duct tape can repair almost anything and it is good for blisters. You don't need to carry a whole roll though. 0.495 2 0.22
Patagonia nylon shorts. Loose for comfort. They dry well and don't weigh much. They don't sell this model anymore 5.25 1 5.25
Champion microfiber boxer briefs. I've tried lots of ideas to control chafe and these seem to do the best for me. I'll keep looking though. 2.63 1 2.63
Scripto lighter. I like scripto because they don't weigh much and hey have an adjustable flame unlike some Bic lighters these days. 0.61 1 0.61
Lip balm. Cool little lip balm pack for when you get wind burn on your face. 0.21 1 0.21
Leatherman style. Sometimes you need something more than a blade. Scissors, tweezers, screwdrivers, etc. I don't think they make this exact model anymore. 0.82 1 0.82
Dog tags. I've had this set for years. They are my good luck charms. 0.56 1 0.56
Streamlight Nano Miniature Light. Sometimes your primary light goes out and you need a back up or sometimes you just get caught after dark with your headlamp still in your pack. I keep this hanging on my dog tags. 0.34 1 0.34
Titanium Bird and Trout Knife by Ruta Locura. I got this because I want a fixed blade knife and this was the lightest I could find. That said, I've not been happy with it. There is nothing wrong with the knife, I just like a razor sharp edge that you cannot get with carbadized titanium. I've made my own Kydex sheath and wrapped the handle with a 5' dynaglide suspension extension. I'm contemplating changing back to a steel bird and trout knife so I can have my razor sharp edge, but that also means adding some sort of sharpening system. This titanium knife uses a beaver tooth style edge which will never be super sharp, but will stay sharp just by using it. Probably the best knife for a long distance hiker that needs are not beyond cutting cheese, string, sausage, and opening cardboard boxes. 0.63 1 0.63
Outdoor  Research Swift Cap. Light and well ventilated. A good stiff bill to block the sun and rain. 2.04 1 2.04
Glasses. Transition glasses so they serve as sunglasses. I've made an ultralight strap. 0.69 1 0.69
Casio triple sensor Pathfinder watch. Compass, altimeter, barometer, and it charges off solar energy. You just have to calibrate the altitude whenever you get to a point with a known elevation so it stays as accurate as possible. PAG 240-1 with cloth band. 2.03 1 2.03
Total 57.43
Other stuff. These are things I carry on some trips but not all trips
GPS - Delorme PN 60. I use this for all my trail guide data collection. Rugged and reliable, plus I can work about 1.5 days off a set of AA batteries. 7.70 1 7.70
Enloop Batteries for GPS. Since I use a lot of batteries, the cost effective way to go is with rechargables. After some research I went with Enloop because they have similar performance to Lithium batteries though they weigh a lot more. 1.06 4 4.22
GPS Case - and old "Life is Good" cell phone pouch with the lid cut off to give an open line of site to the sky. 1.66 4 1.66
Town shorts - runners shorts, very light. I sometimes carry these when doing a long distance hike so I have something to wear at the laundry or hostel. 3.21 1 3.21
DIY huaraches - made from cord and some old shoe insoles. 3.16 1 3.16
Tenkara Pack - I'm still working this out an putting it together. More to follow 6.44 1 6.44
My trusty old mummy pad which has served me well for years. I expect real cold, I bring this. 9.70 1 9.70
Elemental Horizons Kalais with large pockets and aluminum stay. When I pack heavy this is my hauler. Funny that 35 pounds is now considered heavy. A GREAT pack! I will probably put this back in as my winter pack. 31.60 1 31.60
Mini Spatula - my son got this spork & spatula set and we use the spatula when we cook on the grill. 0.33 1 0.33
Ruta Locura Titanium Grill and DIY tyvek case. For grillin' meat in the woods. 1.39 1 1.39
Light My Fire Grandpas FireFork cooking fork 0.65 1 0.65
Double USB car adapter. So I can charge stuff if I get to a car while long distance hiking. 0.73 1 0.73
Town bag for electronic chargers and such 0.15 1 0.15
USB charging cables for charging devices in towns while long distance hiking. I take the cables out of the retractor to save weight and bulk. 0.53 3 1.57
double AC power adapter for charging in town 1.49 1 1.49
Car Key 0.98 1 0.98
Total ???
Consumables - those supplies you generally use up as you hike so the weight goes down. Days Oz per day Total
Spare Food 1 6.150 6.15
Bleach for water treatment 7 0.048 0.34
Body Glide 14 0.035 0.49
Alcohol hand sanitizer 30 0.035 1.05
Toilet paper - 10 sheets per day 7 0.185 1.30
Meds 4 0.010 0.04
Coffee - usually Starbucks instant 4 0.454 1.82
Tobacco for pipe 4 0.155 0.62
puzzles - sudoku and crossword puzzles. 4 0.077 0.31
Wet Wipes - 2 per day 10 0.250 2.50
Toothpaste 30 0.025 0.75
Food - 3318 cal 4 28.300 113.20
Olive Oil @ 0.82 ounces per fluid ounce - 245 cal 4 1 3.28
Alcohol @ .79 ounces per fluid ounce 4.5 1 3.56
Drinking alcohol 90  proof - 295 cal @ .94 ounces per fluid ounce 4 3 11.28
Water @ 1.04 ounces per fluid ounce 1 34 35.36
Alcohol @ .79 ounces per fluid ounce - extra winter 4.5 0.8 2.84
DEET - in bug season 24 0.021 0.50
Water @ 1.04 ounces per fluid ounce - extra in summer 1 34 35.36
Total - Summer     217.89
Total - spring/fall 182.03
Total - Winter     184.87
Oz Pounds
Summer Clothing 7.23 0.45
Wind Layer 8.72 0.55
3 season Rain Gear 10.78 0.67
Winter Rain Gear 1.75 0.11
Gloves 2.28 0.14
3 Season Cothing 22.91 1.43
Winter Clothing 20.30 1.27
Electronics 17.28 1.08
Luxury 1.91 0.12
Bug 3.41 0.21
Kitchen 11.22 0.70
Misc 4.35 0.27
Hygiene 1.08 0.07
Navigation 1.94 0.12
Shelter 10.52 0.66
Hammock 11.41 0.71
Summer Pack and Sleeping 32.82 2.05
Spring/Fall Pack and Sleeping 47.92 2.99
Winter Pack and Sleeping 62.31 3.89
Other stuff? ??? ???
TOTAL Summer base 122.67 7.67
TOTAL Spring/Fall base 159.54 9.97
TOTAL Winter base 184.99 11.56
TOTAL (summer) 340.56 21.29
TOTAL (spring/fall) 341.57 21.35
TOTAL (winter) 369.86 23.12
CLOTHING WORN - 3 season 57.43 3.59
CLOTHING WORN - Winter 68.43 4.28
GRAND TOTAL (summer) 397.99 24.87
GRAND TOTAL (spring/fall) 399.00 24.94
GRAND TOTAL (winter) 438.29 27.39