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First Aid/Repair Kit

My first aid/repair kit is very minimalist. On most trails like the AT you don't need to have enough stuff to perform emergency surgery or perform major repairs. What you do need is some common sense, some first aid training, and a good pocket knife. My kit only weighs 5.6 ounces. Not listed here is my Leatherman Micra which is an all around good tool for a backpacker, and duct tape which I carry on my trekking poles. The basic idea is you just need enough to get you to the next town.


Weight in Grams Item Description
2 2 sewing needles Repairing fabrics.
2 2 safety pins Emergency repairs and to hold stuff together while sewing.
32 2 CR 123 batteries Back up batteries for the Steri Pen
6 Floss roll I took the roll out of a box of floss. It works good for gear repairs and cleaning your teeth.
1.8 6 Aleve My favorite pain reducer and anti-inflammatory.
18 small tube Neosporin Good for treating cuts, blisters, and burns.
6 small tube super glue Very good at repairing a variety of items.
24 3 AAA Li batteries These work in the head lamp or the MP3 player. Li lasts well in the cold and they can sit in your pack for a long time and still work when you need them. They also weigh less and last longer than other batteries.
14 small roll medical tape This is good for some repairs and treating some injuries.
3 3 band-aids Good for the little cuts.
2 2 butterfly band-aids Good for the bigger gashes
18 small ACE bandage Good for the unforeseen sprain.
6 6 Imodium When you get the runs in the woods.
6 Imotrex My migraine pills
3 Small zip-lock bag For keeping it all in.
28 2 AA Li batteries Spare power for my digital camera.
6 6 gauze pads More versatile than simple band-aids.
4 4 Sudafed In case you get a clogged up set of sinuses.
6 6 Pepto tablets For when you get a bellyache in the woods.
187.8 grams Total 6.64 ounces

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