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Misc Gear

Weight in Ounces Item Description
3.0 Duct Tape, 8 wraps = 1oz.

Mt. Dew bottle - with Duct tape

Repairs anything, use as medical tape, fix leaks in nylon stuff, prevents blisters. Modifications: Remove from heavy roll and stored in various places. Best place is around bottles or hiking poles.
.4 1 med Binder Clip Binder clip holding my light! Uses: Clothing pins, pot holders, improvised headlight when used with LED, fasten garbage bags to tarp to make a door.
1.6 Ultrapod Small tripod for a camera.
7.6 Kodak KE60 35mm Camera

Picture from Kodak Web Site

Small camera and extra film.
2.0 Trash Compactor Bags Uses: Backpack liner. Open completely for ground cover. Cut holes for poncho or vapor barrier vest, cut slits for backpack cover.
1.8 Leatherman Micra Leatherman Micra because it has scissors, tweezers, knife, screwdriver, etc. It is the perfect hiker tool IMHO.
2.5 Wallet Why carry a whole wallet? I just use one of the plastic window inserts for photos. I carry 1 ID, 1 credit card, and a little cash. Weight: 2.5oz for keys, wallet, I.D., credit card, and some cash.
0.5 1 Gallon Zip Lock Bag For those loose items to keep things neat.
0.5 Lighter I always carry an extra lighter in my pocket.
0.9 Dog Tags Good Luck.
1.1 Glasses and Case .9oz Army Glasses and a soft fabric case.
2.6 Cord and Stake Bag/Rock Throw Bag I carry my stakes and about 6' of extra cord in a small sack. Recently I was trying to get a line over a tree and was looking for a better way. I added my 50' of line as the pull cord for this bag - 50' for a little bag?. Voila! I now have a combination stake bag and throw bag/cord for my food bag. For cord I use 550 cord with inner strings removed.
21.8 Iron Mountain Trekking poles Collapsible trekking poles with a built in shock. Saves the knees, makes up hills and down hills easier, and works well for making a bivy with the hammock.
4.8 First Aid/Repair Kit Contains things needed for repairing and maintaining equipment and the body.
1.5 Timex Expedition Watch Keep track of time and date, very important when you have to link up with a ride or mail or drop.

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