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You won't need a full set of cutlery in the backcountry. Meals should be easy to prepare and eat. Simple pots, a spoon, and a cup is all you need to eat with. Stoves and fuel should be simple and only what you need.

Weigh every container you plan to carry, you might be surprised how fast the weight adds up for those zip-lock bags.

Weight in Ounces Item Description
1.8 Three 12oz water bottles Bottles Water bottles for dressing, oil, fuel, etc. 12 oz is the perfect size for 6 days hiking.
2.3 Lemonade Bowl New cup cozy Used for hydrating, mixing, measuring, drinking eating, etc. Multiple uses for a simple and light piece of equipment. My old insulated mug weighed twice as much.
0.8 Pot Cozy New Pot Cozy A foam ring made to hold in heat and simmer food without fuel. You can also use spare clothing. But if your like me you don't have any of that.
5.4 Titanium Pot Set Click for review Titanium - lightweight durable gear for eating. I use the Snow peak set. It's the cheapest I could find, and they work great. I only carry the lid and large bowl at 5.5oz. A cool trick is to turn the lid upside down when cooking and fill it with water. That way you heat your meal and your water for tea or coffee.
0.1 Pot Scrubber I used to not carry one, but cleaning is easier, and it only weighs 0.1 ounces. Change it often, keep it dry, and get the food out - or it ends up being a huge health hazard.
1.5 Food Bag Equinox 10"x21" Sil-Nylon bag that is waterproof, has a bottom strap (hang it upside down) that holds 7 days food, plus room for bathing soaps, towel, etc. to hand in a tree away from critters at night.
0.4 Lexan Spoon I was right, the Lexan Spoon works better than the Titanium - it's lighter.
1.5 Platypus 100oz Bladder I use a 100oz bladder. most of the time I keep about 1 liter of water, but this is big enough to fill up prior to a dry camp and have plenty of camp water. I took the pull spout off a deposable bottle of water and use it instead of the normal cap.
3.2 Polar Pure Iodine Simple and light weight way to treat your water. Keep the bottle full so you can purify water quickly.
1.4 Fire Starter Every try to make a fire with wet wood? It's a pain in the butt. 24 trick birthday candles and spare lighter. Weight: 1.4 oz for all this in a pill bottle.
1.0 32oz water bottle For drinking water with meals, a hose can be annoying to suck on during a meal.
0.4 Plastic Bottle Small plastic bottle for Tabasco. Tabasco makes everything taste better.
0.3 Vitamin Bottle For a light weigh bottle I use an old film jar.
1.0 Silk Bandanna A bandanna made from remnants of my sleeping bag liner that I use  with my kitchen stuff.
0.6 Turbo V8 Stove Click for review V8 Drink can alcohol stove. My current favorite stove. Lightweight, simple, and cheap. Current model is down to 1.2oz with wind screen. However I have a special one that works for my pot (probably no on else's) that is only 0.6 ounces with windscreen.
0.4 4 bread bags with ties Bread bags seal better than zip locks for some foods because you don't have to work about stuff getting caught in the channel and preventing a good seal.
1.5 3 - 1 gallon Zip Lock Bags Good for food storage, garbage, etc.
2.1 3 - 2 gallon Bags Good for food storage, garbage, etc.
0.5 Lighter Disposable lighter
26.2 Total

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