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Peak to Peak Trail and Wilderness Links


Weight in Ounces Item Description

Peak 1 Aries

83.0 Peak 1 Aries Click for review

Picture from Peak1 Web Site

I do still have a tent - A Peak1 Aries tent. Its a double wall two person tent that sets up in about 5 minutes and has plenty of room. It's stayed dry through hard rainstorms, just make sure you vent it well
9.0 Ground Cloth Cheap black plastic
92.0 Total  


10.6 Poncho/Tarp Tarps have great versatility, they can be set up in a variety of ways depending on the location, weather, and needs. To set up a tarp I usually use my custom Moonbow tarp/poncho. If your interested in once, contact Moonbow. Use some light nylon string to suspend it between trees or using hiking poles. All you need is about 6 stakes, some cord, and a pole or two. I use a small piece of plastic as a ground cloth and my hiking poles as supports. Bad for bugs since I don't own a net yet.  An interesting point is that Earl Schaffer (first AT thru hiker) abandoned his tent for a poncho shelter early in his long walk.
0.8 4 mini carabineers and 12' string Good for food bagging, clothes line, etc. I removed the inside strings to make it a little lighter, and the cord is still strong enough for what I need.
3.0 6 stakes 6 aluminum gutter nails to serve as stakes.
6.0 Ground Cloth Cheap Black Plastic
20.4 Total  

Hennessy Ultralight Hammock

30.9 Hennessy Ultralight Hammock Hennessy Ultralight Backpacker A-Sym Hammock Hennessy Ultralight Hammock - My all time favorite shelter. I have the new Ultralight A-Sym version.
2.0 4 stakes 4 aluminum gutter nails from Lowes.
32.9 Total  


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