The Worlds Lightest Alcohol Stove!



    Congratulations on purchasing the Ion stove, the lightest, most fuel efficient alcohol backpacking stove made. The Ion stove is made from aluminum and the TiPod stand is made from military grade titanium. Even though titanium is a resilient metal, care should still be taken with any ultralight backpacking equipment to ensure its serviceability on the trail. With proper use and care, the Ion stove should last for as long as you do. 

    The Ion stove is the culmination of years of testing and design of various ideas that were driven by the desire to produce the lightest, most fuel efficient stove possible while still providing the consistent performance desired by an ultralight backpacker.  

    This stove is not designed for groups or heavy cooking, its intended use is for a solo ultralight hiker that only needs to boil water and do some simple cooking. Of course the Ion is so light, that a group of hikers could each carry their own stove… 

ION Stove – Alcohol fuel stove.
Weight: 0.46 ounces (13 grams) not including windscreen.
Height: 1.5” (3.81 cm) tall with stand      Diameter: 3” (7.62 cm) with stand.
Parts: Three TiPod pieces, Windscreen, Heat Reflector, and Burner. Performance: To boil one pint of water @ 212.4° F (100° C) for at least 60 seconds…
Air Temperature:                Fuel required:                            Time to Boil:
70°F (21°C) or above.............0.3-0.4 fluid ounces (10-12ml)..…~8:30
35°F to 69°F (2°C to 20°C).....0.5-06 fluid ounces (15-18ml)......~10:30
Below 35°F (2°C)…………......0.7-0.8 fluid ounces (20-24ml).....~12:30

**Note: these statistics assume you are using a windscreen and reflector**

    Before Use: Ensure you read all warnings on the back of these instructions. You may also need to trim the windscreen. Cut the windscreen so that it is tall enough to reach the bottom of the pot handles. The screen should be long enough to wrap completely around the pot and have ¼” for an air gap all the way around the pot. The Windscreen has holes along half the length, if you need to trim the windscreen, you should trim equal lengths from both ends. For diagrams and more instructions visit Hiking HQ at and look for this page:

Stove Set Up:
1.  Connect the three legs of the TiPod stand to form a tripod by connecting the top slots to the bottom slots (fig 2).
2.  Place the stove under the TiPod and slide the two assemblies together (fig 3).
3.  Set the stove on the heat reflector. Place the windscreen around your pot, if there is a breeze, face the portion of the windscreen without holes toward the breeze.

4.  Fill the stove with the required amount of alcohol. If you use a soda bottle for fuel, one cap will hold approximately 0.15 - 0.20 ounces (5 - 6ml) of fuel.
5.  Light the stove and place the pot on the stove stand.
Optional: The TiPod may serve as a stand for Esbit®, hexamine, trioxane, or other solid fuel. Simply place the fuel block on the aluminum foil reflector under the TiPod and light the fuel. Place the pot on the TiPod above the burning fuel.
**Note: After the stove has burned out, allow the stove to cool down before handling, this should take about 5 minutes**

     I hope you enjoy the Ion stove as much as I have enjoyed designing it over the years. I hope it makes your trip successful.


Filling and Lighting:

Acceptable fuels: methanol (such as HEET brand auto gas-line de-icer, or its generic equivalent), ethanol/methanol mixture (a.k.a. denatured alcohol sold in paint and hardware stores), pure ethanol (i.e. 200 proof grain alcohol sold in liquor stores and pharmacy). Isopropanol (i.e. ISO-HEET, or rubbing alcohol) is NOT recommended because it burns with a very sooty flame. NO OTHER FUELS ARE RECOMMENDED. USE OF OTHER FUELS BESIDES ALCOHOL VOIDS WARRANTY. An exception to this is if the owner may use solid fuel with the stand (but not the stove). 

CAUTION: In daylight, the flames of an alcohol stove are virtually invisible. Unlike a white-gas or compressed-gas stove, there is not usually sound during burning to assure you that the stove is running. When lighting the stove in daylight, it helps to have the windscreen partially around the stove so that the flame can be seen more easily. DO NOT OVERFILL STOVE

Before using your Ion Stove, please be sure to completely read the disclaimer, warranty and instructions described below. By using the stove, you agree to the terms of the disclaimer and warranty. Even if you are experienced with alcohol stoves, you will find the instructions useful.


Backpacking involves serious dangers such as (but not limited to) injury, death, impairment of one's self or others, damage or destruction of property, and emotional trauma. All backpacking stoves create a potentially hazardous condition for the user. Seller assumes no responsibility for the condition and operation of this stove by buyer. Buyer assumes all responsibility for the use of this stove. Buyer assumes all risk of loss and injury and warrants that he or she will defend, indemnify and hold seller harmless. Buyer represents that no reliance is made upon any act or conduct of the seller. 

This stove is intended for use with methanol (such as HEET gas-line antifreeze), commercial denatured alcohol (ethanol/methanol mixture), or pure ethanol ONLY! Other types such as Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) are not recommended. 

WARNING: NEVER use Coleman Fuel (white gas), gasoline, acetone, lacquer thinner or a similarly volatile liquid inside this or any other alcohol stove. When lighted this stove vaporizes the fuel within creating pressure inside the chamber. The pressure generated by a fuel other than alcohol may build so rapidly that it cannot escape fully through the burner holes. The force may exceed the load strength of the stove walls. Using such fuels will almost certainly result in a large flare-up and may result in bursting of the stove chamber or even a grenade-like explosion. 

CAUTION: DO NOT OVER-FILL THE STOVE. The stoves have a recommended maximum fuel capacity. The maximum recommended fuel capacity for the Ion Stove is 1 US fluid ounce (30 ml). Do not attempt to light this stove if the stove is in any position other than sitting upright on its base.

NEVER use this stove inside a tent, or under a low hanging vestibule, due to fire danger. Oxygen depletion and carbon monoxide poisoning may also be the result of using this stove in any confined space, causing injury or death. BE SAFE, NOT SORRY. 

Always allow the stove and its components to cool before handling. Never handle the stove or attempt to move the stand while it is burning 

THERE IS A REMOTE POSIBBILITY of sharp surfaces along the edges of the stand, windscreen, and around the filler hole of the burner. Care should be taken when handling the windscreen and stove to avoid the possibility of injury. 


The Ion stove titanium stand (TiPod) has been tested to safely support a weight up to 5 lbs. (2.3 kg.) without deforming. Weight greater than the recommended amount can result in cracking or breaking of the titanium, especially at or near the slots where the pieces join. The Ion stove is intended for use with a 1 quart (1 liter) pot. It can use larger pots, but generally a solo backpacker doesn’t need more than a 2 quart (2 liter) pot. If a full cook pot is placed forcefully or dropped onto the stove, a force many times the weight of the pot is created and this may result in deformity of the stand. The stove (or any of its sub components) may also deform if dropped, stepped on, or stored loosely in a backpack. It is intended that it be stored inside a cook pot or other container. This stove burner is constructed of thin aluminum and it must be handled with care. With proper care this stove will last for many years. This stove was tested at the time of manufacture and was in good working order at the time of shipping. It is warranted to be free from structural defects for as long as the original buyer owns the stove. "Structural defects" refers specifically to voids or breaks in the wall surfaces or a broken or bent stand that rarely develop during normal use. In the rare case of a bona fide structural defect, seller agrees to pay the cost of return shipping charges and provide a new stove at no additional charge. Scratched paint, punctures, dents or other deformities that occur during use do not constitute structural defects. It is not recommended that the stove be operated in other than original condition and therefore seller makes no offer to repair any damages inflicted by buyer. No other warranty either express or implied is offered.  


The Ion stove and its components are hand made in a garage. They are not produced in mass quantities by a machine, but one at a time. Because of this, there are some slight variations from part to part and stove to stove. The manufacturer feels no obligation to replace or refund the stove or any part of the assembly simply because it does not have a nice appearance. Each stove is tested for performance before leaving the manufacturer to ensure it performs as claimed despite any minor visually variations.



Copyright Ernest Engman and, all rights reserved.The Worlds Lightest Alcohols Stove