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New tuna can stove New tuna can stove dissassembled Burner with simmer ring, cover, and pot stand

I did not invent this stove, the original model I based mine on was invented by Roy L. "TrailDad" Robinson, his stove design can be found at Hiking Web Site. I only put these instructions on my site because I have made some modifications, and I'm constantly being asked about how to make one.

Parts and toolsIf you want tips on cooking with alcohol stoves, I've put together a page on how to do that here: Cooking with the Cat Stove.

Step 1. Gather the Equipment. To build a Cat stove, you will need the following:


1 Large can of cat or dog food. $0.68

1 Small can of cat food. $0.30

1 Pair of oven liners. $0.97

Some fiberglass insulation. Free from a construction site scrap pile.

1 Hardware Cloth. Bought the roll a while back, can't remember the price.
1 Coat hanger. Free from your closet.

3 paper clips. Free from your desk, or someone's at work. Don't get the plastic coated ones.

Alcohol, denatured. You can find this in 32oz containers at Wal-Mart, Lowe's, hardware stores, etc. Look in the paint thinner section.$2.98
Alcohol, methanol. Look for the yellow bottle of HEET brand fuel line anti-freeze. You can find this in 12oz bottles, look in the fuel and oil additives section of Wal-Mart, convenience stores, auto parts stores, etc. $0.89

Step 2. Gather your tools. You will need:

1 Large church key.

1 Small church key.

1 Pair scissors.

1 Small kitchen knife.

1 Hole punch.

12" Ruler.

1 Pair pliers with wire cutters.

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