Cat Stove: step 6


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Make the simmer ring Secure with paper clip

Next we'll make the simmer ring and cover. Cut a strip from your oven liner wide enough to cover the air holes, and long enough to wrap all the way around with about 1" to spare. Secure the end with a paper clip. The original cat stove only included a simmer ring to close off air flow to the stove. I have found that making a simmer cover makes the simmer action more accurate, and can greatly influence the simmer level.

Cut the X Cut the X

Next, cut the cover from the scraps of the oven liner, make it big enough to cover the top of the stove. Then cut an "X" in the center above where the burner hole is.


Open up the hole - shortter, hotter simmer

To open up the hole and make a hotter simmer, simply push out on the bottom of the "X".



Close the hole - longer, cooler simmmer

To close it up and make a longer, cooler simmer, push down on the top of the "X".



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