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Simmer cap and ring

Now were going to try to simmer. Put .5oz fuel (2 caps full) into the stove. Add the simmer ring, light, then put the cap on.




Simmering water

Stove should maintain a good water temperature for cooking, almost constant for the entire burn. Burn time may vary depending on how large you made the hole. A good time to aim for is 20:00 simmering at a good hot water temperature, just below a boil.


Fiberglass glowes even better now

Here is another picture taken after the simmer. You can see after almost an hour of constant use, the fiberglass is still just as high inside the burner as when we originally built it. You may also see that on this burn, the fiberglass glows even brighter, even though it has about the same amount of alcohol remaining in it as the last shot of it glowing.

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