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Tips (continued)

Tip #1 - The Vestibule
Tip #2 - The Chair
Tip #3 - The Bivy Tent
Tip #4 - The Heat Reflector
Tip #5 - Hammock Campsites
Tip #6 - Setting up in the rain
Tip #7 - Tear down in the rain
Tip #8 - Tying the hammock knot
Tip #9 - The Snake Skin
Tip #10 - Poncho/Tarp for a fly
Tip #11 - Sleeping Pads
Tip #12 - Underquilts

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Tip #6 - Setting up in the rain

Setting up in the rail is simple all it requires is an extra 6' of cord. I carry a stake bag with some extra cord and my fly in an easy to get to place.

1. Tie 3' cord to either end 2. Both sides out, pack centered on the ground, normally it would be under a pack cover. 3. Stake sides out and now you can work dry under the tarp.
4. Tie the hammock ends with quick releases until you get it set. 5. Finish tying the knots on the ends. 6. Tie off both sides of the hammock part to one side so you have a vestibule to work under.

If the storm is very bad, tie it off using the Storm Pitch.


Tip #7 - Tear down in the rain

Tear down the hammock in the rain in the reverse of setting up in the rain.

Pack most of your backpack Tie out the tarp ends Pack you backpack under cover
1. Pack the backpack most of the way under your tarp. 2. Use 3' cord on either end to tie out the tarp. 3. Pack the hammock without the fly. Make sure everything is in the pack except what you plan to wear and the tarp.
Take the stakes out Tarp over your pack Ready to roll
4. Take out the side stakes. The pack would normally be inside a pack cover. 5. When you take down the tarp, make sure it covers your pack. 6. Pack your steaks, cord, and stuff in the tarp and your ready to go.


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