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Tip #1 - The Vestibule
Tip #2 - The Chair
Tip #3 - The Bivy Tent
Tip #4 - The Heat Reflector
Tip #5 - Hammock Campsites
Tip #6 - Setting up in the rain
Tip #7 - Tear down in the rain
Tip #8 - Tying the hammock knot
Tip #9 - The Snake Skin
Tip #10 - Poncho/Tarp for a fly
Tip #11 - Sleeping Pads
Tip #12 - Underquilts

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Tip #8 - Tying the hammock knot

The instructions for the knot on the side of the Hennessy bag can be confusing.

Picture and instructions from Hennessy Hammock Web Site.

Knot detail

Detail of lashing to webbing straps using four figure-8 wraps around main supporting rope and behind webbing strap loops plus 2 half hitches. This is very similar to the figure-8 used when tying a rope to a cleat.


After some practice at doing it, this is my technique:

Tie the hammock step 1 Tie the knot step 2 Tie the hammock Step 3
1. Start by selecting your trees, preferably a tree that the "Tree Hugger" strap can wrap twice like so. 2. Run the cord thru the loop on the second end. 3. Loop the cord around the main line, then back behind the tree hugger strap as shown.
Tie the hammock Step 4 Tie the hammock Step 5 Tie the hammock Step 6
4. Pull it tight now. 5. Wrap the cord back under the outside strap and then back around the main cord from the bottom and back out the bottom. 6. After doing step #5 a couple of times, wrap the cord back around the main line and then wrap the cord back under itself as shown.
Tie the hammock Step 7 Tie the hammock Step 8 Tie the hammock Step 9
7. Finish off the knot with a quick release so it comes down easy. 8. If a tree is too big for two wraps, then try this method. Star the hammock knot the same way. 9. Wrap he cord around the main line then back to the tree. Take up all your slack now.
Tie the hammock Step 10 Tie the hammock Step 11 Tie the hammock Step 12
10. Tie using a figure 8 type wrap. The cord goes in and out on the same side. 11. The last loop brings the cord back around and behind the loop on the main line. 12. Finish off with a quick release.

Side shock cords To make the hammock easier to tie out, I also have permanently put a loop into the shock cord. This way you just pull out the sides and stake them quickly and reduce wear on the shock cords from friction.



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