The Worlds Lightest Alcohol Stove!


Even though I sell these stoves, I am just as happy if you make them yourself.

Ion Stove (Juice Can Version)

Ion Stove (Production Version)

TiPod Titanium Stand

Trangia "Ionization Kit" Titanium Stand


Build your own Ion Stove (Juice Can Version)

Here are the plans. All you need are two small juice cans like V8 juice.

What I found was that the other design (burner going inside the fuel container) must have a slight leak around the burner can to allow a little bit of fuel to get past and because of the way the Ion burns, the flames just melded in with everything else. I also found that the TiPod slightly interfered with the air flow over the stove in a way that the hardware cloth never did. So to solve both these issues I had to open up the center hole a little more and add more burner holes. There are now 12 of those.

I think all that is important to know just in case you are building them and are having performance issues.

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Newer version stove (Production Model)

Since I changed the stock I make the stoves from, I thought it would be a good idea to post those instructions too.

This is a very simple stove to make. You need two wedding favor tins. They can be bought in bulk from places like Michaels, it will cost about $20 for a box of 30, and it takes two of them to make a stove.

If you want to just get what you need, you can get them here:

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Build your own TiPod

Here are the plans:

Titanium is available here:

Of course you need three sections. You can always change up the dimensions if needed. It should accommodate any stove that is 2.5" diameter or less and 7/8" tall or shorter. To make the standard model requires a sheet at least 2.5"x4.5"

You can cut almost everything for this plan with a good pair of snips, but a hacksaw would be best for the notches, a pair of snips can crack the metal trying to make those cuts. I try to put a slight bend in the metal before making the notches.

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Built your own Trangia "Ionization Kit"

To build this, you will need some snips, a hacksaw, and a sheet of titanium 4.5" x 5.25". You can cut everything out with the snips, but you will need a hacksaw to do the notches on the end without cracking the titanium:

Material is available from here:

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